7 Essential Marketing KPIs Every Marketer Should Be Tracking Right Now But They Are Not

If you have ever been a part of the marketing team, you might be familiar with the budget constraints. You wished you had more money to run paid campaigns, but you don’t have that liberty. Did you know why...

A Trip Down the Memory Lane: History and Evolution of Nike’s Iconic Logo

Take a closer look at the most popular brand logos in the world and you will find a few common traits. Whether it is McDonald’s golden arches or Apple’s bitten apple or Nike’s black swoosh, they all are...

7 Leadership Qualities of Queen Elizabeth II That Make Her Stand Out from The Crowd

In the spring of 1952, a young princesson an arduous worldtour with her husband demanded a much-needed respite from the official matters. The couple retreated to a serene game-viewing lodge,now-famous Treetops...

Top 10 Crowd Funding Platforms to Get Your Startup Funded

You started a business and now need funds to get your business off the ground and turn your idea into reality. Despite pitching your idea to many investors, you have not got the green signal from investors. If...

Boost Your Conversion By Using These 7 Best Practices For Landing Page Optimization

When you first created your website, your goal was to boost traffic on your website. Now, that you are getting tons of traffic, your focus is on boosting the conversions. This is where landing page...

The Best WordPress Maintenance Services to Keep Your Website Up and Running in 2019

Do you have a business website running on WordPress? If you are a modern-day business person operating in the online world, I think you are quite well aware of how every second count.

Highly Impressive Graphic Design Portfolios to Super Boost Your Creativity in 2019

Your Portfolio help describes who you are. As a designer, a portfolio dictates your proficiency in work among different customers. It outlines your talent and shares it with potential prospects.

Seven Do’s & Don’ts of Starting a Graphic Design Business in 2019

Irrespective of the type of business you run, you need to give your business the perfect visibility.

6 Ways to Generate Business Using Social Media This Year

We live in an era where social media has become quite the norm in our society.

Looking for Work? Not Anymore! Here are the Best Companies to Work for in London

At a time when Mike Ashley and Sir Philip Green are making headlines as billionaires whose companies are the best companies to work for in London, it is important that we shed light on all such organizations...

4 Convincing Marketing Lessons that Fantasy Football Can Teach You

Several things in life teach us valuable lessons; some of these lessons come to us in the most unexpected ways. Are you a fan of playing, watching or tracking football premier league matches? Are you also a...

What is Facebook Marketplace & Its Significance Among Modern Day Marketers

The Facebook marketplace concept was first introduced back in the year 2016.

How You Can Flourish Your Business with GeoFencing Mobile Apps

What is geofencing? Is it just another app on the mobile app market? Is it a new concept which is trending or has it been around for a while? How can geofencing help me improve my business?

5 Proven Tips To Enhance The Effectiveness Of Your Visual Content – Infographics

Visual content is all the rage these days. Whether you are reading an article on the web or scrolling through your social media feeds, you will find visual content everywhere.

The Science Behind Colors in Website Design: A Guide for the Modern-Day Businesses

Colors play a massive role in establishing a brand identity for your business.

The Best Online Platforms for Basic & Advanced Web Design Courses in 2019

If there is one profession where learning never stops, it is the evergreen arena of website design. Whether you are a beginner level student or a professional London web design expert, it doesn’t matter. As...

The Best Ways to Generate Profitable Leads from LinkedIn Social Media Platform

It is without a doubt that LinkedIn is currently one of the top social media platforms on the Internet. And what makes this platform unique is that this social media is designed to connect professionals from...

Future of PPC: 7 Modern PPC Trends That You Should Jump On In 2019 – Infographics

2018 was a transformative year for PPC. Google rebranded Google AdWords to Google Ads. They completely revamped the interface and introduced new campaign types, features, innovative tools and targeting options...

Beat Your Competition with the Perfect Competitor Analysis in the Online World

In today’s world, every other brand on the market seeks to stay above the competition.

Expert Freelance Marketer and Productivity Specialist Francesco D’Alessio Interview

Francesco D’Alessio is a technology enthusiast; he runs his own technology and productivity channel on YouTube, with the name ‘Keep Productive’. Francesco loves to educate people on the latest tools in the...

How to Reach the Instagram Explore Page of Your Followers & Their Followers in 2019

We live in an age and day where recognition is highly important. If you are a business that aspires to flourish, you need a certain level of social exposure which you can’t simply garner by staying rooted to...

What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram & Facebook in UK?

We all believe that we are creating great content and to be honest, we put every effort towards creating one.

5 P’s of Social Media Marketing Your Business Can Not Afford to Ignore – Infographics

The social media landscape is changing by the day. From frequent algorithm updates on major social media platforms to delicense in organic reach, it is harder to get organic traffic from social media.

7 Deadly Sins of SEO that Can Drag You to Digital Hell

I have worked in the SEO marketing agency for quite some time now.

SubReddits which Can Make You More Productive & Self-Groomed in the Year 2019

One of the largest growing social media entertainment platforms is none other than Reddit.

Follow These Digital Practices & Turn Your Real Estate Website Into an Astounding Success in 2019

Are you in the Realtor Business? Do you want your audience to find their dream homes?

Interesting Business Opportunities in London Which You Can Consider in the Year 2019

If there is one place which is a true attraction in a global landscape, it is none other than London, UK. It is a mecca for business-savvy individuals, where you can actually learn a lot about businesses...

Watch out Google! Here Comes French Data Protection Authority with a €50 Million Fine on GDPR Breach

It was only a day before Google moved its service provision to Dublin from the USA and made Google Ireland Limited the new headquarters for “data control.”

How Craigslist London Classified Website Gives Businesses a Boost in the UK Region?

I just got a new bay window installed within my kitchen. It looks pretty rad and simply sets in with the complete kitchen environment. It’s like that missing piece of the puzzle which fell into the right...

Evolution of Web Designs – How Website Design Trends Dramatically Changed over the Period from 2000-2018

A lot can happen in ten years. If you go down the memory lane for instance, ‘The Soprano’ aired their highly controversial episode on HBO, the final book in the Harry Potter series came out to much excitement...

Performance Marketing: The Right Way Forward to Invest Your Budget in the Year 2019

What if I tell you that instead of spending your dollars on impressions and clicks, you can instead focus your spending on key performance metrics (KPIs) that can help you get better results?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile-App like NatWest Online Banking App?

All of us have been there — or will after reading the next line. Thought about launching an online business.

How to Use Colors in Web Designs That Can Influence Conversions in 2019

Do you wish to see an increase in your website conversion? We all do.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Having a Responsive Web Design in 2019?

As more and more people have started using smartphone devices, the need for a responsive website has become more of a necessity than just a need.

Watch out for These Amazing Mobile App Development Trends for the Year 2019

Mobile apps are now evolving, and they are being developed at a breathtaking speed.

How Affiliate Marketing Can Help Grow Your E-Commerce Online Business in 2019

Don’t we all want the best recommendations? Whether we are planning to have lunch or dinner outside with our friends and colleagues or we wish to visit a nearby library or a museum with a couple of friends, we...

How Artificial Intelligence, Millennial & Generation-Z is Transforming the Future of Workplaces

I have been associated myself with the digital marketing field for quite some time now. Back in the 90s, the term Internet was considered a new technology, a cutting-edge trendsetter, and only a few super...

Emerging Corporate Brand Trends Businesses Should Consider in 2019

Soon, it will be the end of December and we will have to bid adieu to this fun-filled and amazing year of 2018. To be honest, we are now nearing the end of another decade and just like the years that passed us...

A London Based Startup Parkopedia has some Great Innovation for Autonomous Parking Technology

A startup laid its initial siege over a decade ago with the idea of mapping the complex parking landscape of some of the major cities in the world.

The Best Contemporary Art Galleries for Designers to Visit in UK Brighton

If you are a huge fan of contemporary art and you are located in the UK, have you ever considered visiting Brighton? Located on the South Coast of England, this cosmopolitan city is teeming with art and...

Here’s How to Build a Lifetime Value and Earn Brand Loyalty with Discounts

The retail market has gradually changed over the passage of time. Apparently, it does not look the way it did a few years back.

Inspiring and Fun-Loving Things to do in Manchester City for Tourism Lovers

Home to two of the biggest clubs in the football arena, Manchester is the second largest city in the United Kingdom. It has become the talk of the town among Britishers because of its vibrancy and people.

6 Engaging Web Design Trends to Consider in the Year 2019

Each year the web design trends change dramatically. The dawn of each new year heralds a major shift in design trends in terms of visuals, aesthetics, algorithms, and more.

5 Winning Product Launch Video Ideas to Create Hype and Marketing Buzz

Okay, so finally your product is ready to launch. Great! Now it’s time to put in all your efforts and energy towards creating a result-oriented product launch strategy.

7 Out-of-the-Box Black Friday Shopping Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Black Friday madness is just around the corner. For shoppers who like to run rampant on a shopping spree, it can be a daunting task to find the best shopping deals and make the most prudent buying decisions...

How to boost online sales by increasing your Average Order Value?

Every startup knows for a fact that online sales are directly proportional to the number of visitors on a website.

PPC landing page best practices: How to increase income in business?

Regardless of the level of business startup, you’re running, the goal of every business and its survival depends on brainstorming new ways of boosting revenue.

5 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Needs to Adopt in 2019

Digital marketing is evolving at a faster pace which makes it a bit difficult for brands and marketers to stay ahead of the game, boost brand awareness and increase sales.

Emotional Storytelling – 3 Stellar Examples for Your Inspiration

Whether you care to admit it or not, emotional storytelling has now become a key to successful branding. In fact, it is a powerful marketing strategy that can drive conversions and sales.