5 Winning Product Launch Video Ideas to Create Hype and Marketing Buzz

Okay, so finally your product is ready to launch. Great! Now it’s time to put in all your efforts and energy towards creating a result-oriented product launch strategy. To make your product a huge success, you need to create hype on social media to get people excited about your product. The sole purpose of creating a product launch strategy in the first place is to make it visible to your prospective buyers to sell. The biggest challenge is to come up with the steps that can do wonders.

Video marketing is an excellent way to create the right buzz around your offerings.

Prior to launching your product video, it is important to have a plan in place. Do your diligent research and get to know more about your ideal customers. Try to put yourself in your prospective customers’ shoes and come up with a stellar content strategy that is potent enough to influence their buying decision. When you have a clear idea about your audience, you can create more engaging and convincing videos for the specific groups of your audience demographics.

Here are some ridiculously amazing product launch video ideas for your upcoming product to create a killer buzz.

  1. Create an Explainer Video

Video marketing is indeed one of the most engaging and exciting ways to convey your message to the right audience. To educate your customers about the features of your product, and how it can help them solve their pain point, it is important to create informative videos about it. People love to share entertaining and engaging videos, so, don’t forget to add a touch of humor, so you can capture the interest of your audience and build a following with a video. An interesting explainer or educational video about your upcoming product will definitely create buzz before the launch.

Have a look at Dollar Shave Club’s product video.

The company knows its target audience inside out and aspires to solve the dilemma of young professional men who purchase big brand razors at exorbitant prices. They released a well-targeted product launch video to highlight the ridiculously excessive cost of razors of other brands and explained how you can find amazing and top-notch razors for just a fraction of the cost.

  1. Create a Story around Your Product

Storytelling is irrefutably one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of your audience. Adding an element of storytelling in your product launch campaign can do wonders and draw them in. With an interesting and inspiring story, you can tell your ideal customers about the problem your product can solve.

Take a look at this video and see how the search engine giant has amazingly explained the history of their products in this video.

Google Evolved is one of the best examples of product videos that beautifully used storytelling to explain the evolution of their products. They used others to tell their story rather than their own developers and designers. In this video, Google focused on how users are using and promoting their products.

  1. Broadcast Live Product Launch

A live launch video is an amazing idea to incorporate into your product launch strategy that can drive huge sales and a loyal following. By broadcasting a live video, you can create a loyal and engaged audience for your product. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube offer the feature of live streaming that your brand can use to build buzz around your new product release. In addition, it is a great marketing tactic that can help you stand out from the crowd. If done right, live product launch event can provide a greater value to your audience, gain brand credibility and build trust.

To make your live launch event successful, it is important to build excitement and awareness beforehand. You can use social media channels to give real-time announcements of your live product launch event. You can offer discounts, adds-on, giveaways and surprise gifts to persuade people to watch the release event.

The live launch event of GoPro smartly used some amazing shots to highlight their products’ features and the awesome team behind them. They used plenty of footage to show their product actually in use to help the audience visualize themselves using it.

  1. Use Behind-the-Scenes Videos

It is one of the most interesting and effective ways to create flimflam for your upcoming product. Behind-the-scenes videos are valuable content pieces that can be used to build excitement among your audience and keep them hooked until your product release day. Whether you use Instagram IGTV feature or Facebook Live Video, you can give your followers a peek into the behind-the-scenes process of product making, the material used, the stories about your hard-working team and the development process.

Let’s take an example of a fashion and YouTube blogger, Wendy Nguyen.

In order to promote Marissa Webb’s Fall collection for the New York Fashion Week, she posted a video to give her followers behind-the-scenes glimpses of the making of Marissa Webb’s look-book. The video successfully piqued their curiosity and had them anticipating the upcoming fall collection of Marissa Webb.

  1. Influencer Marketing Video

Collaborating with a group of influencers is a great way to successfully launch your product. It will not only create a buzz around your upcoming product, but it also boosts your marketing and sales effort. You can identify the industry influencers based on their user base and engagement rate and invite them to be a part of the launch. Reaching out to influencers will surely boost your marketing efforts because when they promote your product, it will persuade their followers to buy your product.

Have a look at Mercedes Benz’s video.

When they launched their new model Mercedes GLS, they featured the famous chef Chris Coombs to promote their product and show how amazingly slick the car is.

Final Thoughts

A successful product launch strategy can connect your audience with your brand and new product at a deeper level. If you want to connect with your ideal customers and make good on your conversion and sales targets, it is critically important to create hype for your new product before its actual launch. Following the above winning product launch, video ideas will excite your potential customers to talk about your product.

Macy Lambert

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