7 Deadly Sins of SEO that Can Drag You to Digital Hell

I have worked in the SEO marketing agency for quite some time now. As a writer, if there is one thing that I am very well connected with, it is how the SEO department works. Content marketing is a two-edged sword where the content developer and the SEO strategists are the opposite edges. And when the digital battle rages on, they work hand-in-hand to slice through the competition to maximize their success ratio.

Every other client that walks up to our door has one major concern.

“How soon will I be able to see my domain rank at the top on Google Search Results?”

And, we always tell them that it takes a very agile strategy to stay up to date with the latest Google trend. Speaking of trends, I recently covered this amazing article on How Website Design Trends Evolved from 2000-2018.

Entrepreneurs don’t realize that they are often susceptible to the wrong ideas. In the wake of getting recognized, they often end up hiring a number of ill-fitting digital marketing agencies. These agencies do produce results (by hook or by crook), but they are mostly short-lived. In fact, when Google undergoes an algorithm change, it not only impacts the website ranking but also reveals how wrongly the strategies were implemented. Sometimes, your website even gets flagged because of wrong SEO practices applied.

At Branex, when a new client walks up to our doorstep, we often spend a good chunk of our time in fixing those grave SEO mistakes and resolving all the applied unethical practices. We usually deem them as grave sins committed by the wrong digital marketing agencies. As a matter of fact, one of the clients who came to us had a website that was penalized by Google. When we conducted our audit, it was revealed that the previous SEO agency was purchasing spammy blog links and outsourcing link building.

If you are choosing the wrong business partners, you can eventually end up wasting a lot of money. Here are seven deadly sins to keep an eye out for or else you end up sending your website to digital hell.

Sin # 1: Lusting After Vanity Metrics

For all the entrepreneurs out there who are not aware of the term, vanity metrics are things such as registered users, downloads, and raw page views. These metrics can be easily manipulated hence they are not the most reliable metrics. Usually, entrepreneurs who are investing their budgets are always greedy to see some numbers. These social indicators can easily be used by SEO marketing agencies to manipulate your mind if you are not careful.

In the wake of becoming successful, entrepreneurs often get obsessed and do not realize that such vanity metrics do not have a direct impact on revenue. Seeing their content getting famous and their name gradually rise up in the market, they end up ignoring other potential metrics which can track leads.

Sin # 2: Drooling Over the Bucks Greedily

If you have a website up and running, your most important assets are the visitors coming to your website. Many entrepreneurs often overlook how other SEO agencies have used “SEO copy” paragraphs placed below the footer at the bottom of the website page in order to make the search engines crawl the desired page. However, this particular strategy is not ethical.

You need to make sure that your SEO practices are not at odds with the content strategy for the website in place. The right digital marketing agency will offer value to the traffic coming to your website. Those who do not follow are often greedy.

Don’t risk the content of your website out of Greed, or your website can suffer a grave penalty. Customer satisfaction should always be your top-most priority.

Sin # 3: Being a Sloth and Not Leveraging Analytics Correctly

There are several organizations that are investing their budgets in creating aesthetically pleasing websites promising to offer a highly personalized experience to customers. Although they are marketing their websites and optimizing them using the right keyword strategy, they often overlook to completely integrate an analytics solution at the backend. As an entrepreneur, you should ask yourself if your website has a proper analytics in place tracking the sales funnel? If not, your site tracking ability is a listless one.

When you are not tracking prospects coming to your website, there is a high chance that you are losing potential customers. Even worse, when you are unable to track them, you won’t be able to upsell them or remarket your services to them. Remarketing and upselling are equally important, akin to scoring a new lead and working on it.

Sitting in the shadows is one of the graver sins of the seven deadliest sins. It can cost you profit worth millions. However, a dedicated SEO marketing agency will find the best ways of integrating Google Analytics and Webmaster tools at the backend of the website.

Sin # 4: Gluttonizing the Keywords

We are all aware of the adage that “Balance is the Key!” It is the right way forward. So, you ordered Pizza on a Saturday Night and put on your favorite movie on Netflix. Your Pizza arrived and you devoured it hungrily, but later on, in the middle of the night, you find yourself tossing and turning from a bad stomach ache.

Same is the case with keyword stuffing. When you stuff too many keywords in your content, it may result in giving you a short boost in ranking. However, in the long run, this strategy is not worthwhile because Google algorithms have become smarter. They are capable of reading everything they could just as a human mind would.

This keyword stuffing to gain quick ranking is termed as keyword gluttony and can often send your website pages to the underworld realms of the Google; the dreaded Page 10 and below.

Sin # 5: Incurring the Wrath of the Search Engine

As a website owner, what is your end goal?

If it isn’t to find yourself on the top of the search engine. Now, if you wish to achieve that goal, the worst thing you can do at the backend of your website is blocked Google Bots from crawling your website content.

And you don’t want to incur the Wrath of Google Bots now, do you?

In order to rank your website on Google, these bots crawl your website and index them on Google, following the specific search engine guidelines. Hence, when a person searches for a term on Google that is related to your respective website, Google bots extract a list of pages from a large database.

The indexing process can take some time in case your website is new; however, you can speed up the indexing process by verifying your website on the Google Search Console. Unless your hired SEO agency is trying to use certain practices, which may stop bots from crawling your website, be ready to face the Wrath of the Search Engine by not getting indexed at all.

Sin # 6: Flaring up with Pride when you Rank up

The moment you find that your SEO company has become successful in ranking your web domain on top in Google Search, it brings a sense of pride in you.

Well, that pride won’t hang out for long under your belt because Google Algorithm is constantly changing. The deeper the algorithm changes, the more challenging it becomes for your website to retain its position.

Besides, there are several keywords and key phrases which you may have targeted on your website, but they are not trending any longer. Moreover, your business strategy is always subjected to a constant change and the optimization efforts you apply to your website should be in coherence with the updates.

All that and much more requires consistent supervision and an expert specialist handling such routine tasks in the world of SEO marketing.

Sin # 7: Envying the Competition

A Houston Digital Marketing agency is producing far better results for their clients at a much reasonable rate then you are; does it put you in a nerve-wracking situation? Or are you getting envious about how they are managing all of it in a concise budget, whereas you aren’t?

Well, then you don’t have to feel envious at all. It is a grave sin even in the SEO market and here’s why. A person who is green with jealousy often treads down the wrong path. To convince their customers that they are one of the best solutions in the market, they over-promise. And when the time comes to deliver, they fail immensely. This can eventually result in creating an environment of distrust. Expectations are not met and as a result, clients drop in some serious negative reviews about your service on different forums and social media platforms. It’s one of the last things you want to see about your brand trending in the market.

So, don’t envy the competition. Try to overperform and prove what you are capable of in a concise budget.

There are several digital marketing agencies on the market which are doing the same thing these days. They are over-promising and when the time comes to deliver, they become apologetic and take a walk away from your brand on the silliest of pretexts. You certainly don’t want that to happen now, do you?

Branex, a digital marketing agency, an build you a well-strategized SEO marketing strategy. We make sure that you are all secure from unwanted deadly sins of the SEO world.

Are you searching for a potential strategy builder? Let us help you build the most powerful SEO strategy.

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