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7 Highly Engaging Brand Video Ideas to Spice up your Branding Efforts

Did you know that the pandemic has impacted the amount of video content people consume daily, with 96% saying this has increased? In fact, by the end of 2022, video content is projected to be 82% of all online traffic. Given that users retain approximately 95% of a video’s message, it has become paramount for marketers to augment their video branding efforts.

One thing is for certain: Video is the future, and brands would do well to invest in this platform with the highest ROI. The right video content can help you drive sales, boost brand awareness, elevate customer experience, educate customers, enhance retention, and promoting recognition.

How to Produce Brand Videos That Elevate your Brand?

Powerful and brilliant branded videos can help foster an emotional connection with your customers and gain their trust. The best brand videos steer away from hard-core selling and instead, concentrate on humanizing a brand through impactful and persuasive storytelling. If you’re looking for some fresh video marketing ideas to fuel growth for your app development company, here are 7 fool-proof ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Share your unique Brand Story

In a seemingly superficial world, people crave genuine connections with their favorite brands. Why not give your audience an intimate sneak peek into your beginnings, and help them understand why you do what you do? Sharing your brand story helps you cultivate a connection, humanize your brand, grab eyeballs, elicit the right emotions, and help people realize that they share the same beliefs and aspirations as your brand.

For instance, Listerine is a name synonymous with antiseptic mouthwashes. In their viral brand video, Listerine narrates their century old tradition of using only essential oils in their products. The most amazing thing about the video is the 30-second runtime; the approximate time it takes their products to eliminate 99% of the germs in your mouth!

Adidas also retells the story of Adolf Dassler in a stop-motion animation style, painstakingly recreating the original environment where Adi Dassler crafted the legendary Adidas prototypes. The goal of the brand video is to make users feel a part of the brand and learn about Adidas’ legacy.

Product Announcements

Don’t just reveal your next great product on a tweet; use a teaser video to create the right hype and build anticipation before the big launch. The key is to imbed the right amount of energy in these videos. If you have a new product and you manage to pique your viewer’s curiosity and spark their interest through your announcement video, you will see their response mirrored in sales. You need to inform people why they need your product, how it will help them, and why your product works.

For instance, Logitech introduced their iPad supporting crayon through an engaging teaser video, exploring the different ways that users can leverage this technology. The combination of user-driven examples along with compelling music, and animation makes this video pop.  This type of video content is highly impactful since it gently coaxes potential customers on to the final stage of the buyer’s journey.

Another example is the viral product launch video of Dollar Shave Club which went supernova in only 72 hours. The CEO of the company adopted a fun, humorous, resonant way to tell the story of what their business did and why it existed. The business targeted youngsters who were tired of the exorbitantly priced razor available in the market and plays on the absurdity of paying a premium for a “vibrating handle, a flashlight, a back-scratcher, and ten blades” when all you need is a razor! The tongue-in-cheek delivery and humor captured the attention of the audience and struck a chord with men while educating them about the amazing benefits of their products!

Another idea for a product launch video is to regale your audience with behind-the-scene shots and keep them hooked until your product release day.  Show the product in making, take interviews from the faces behind the product, and even stream the live video session of the product launch. Use your live stream to educate users on the features, past models, new addition, and cost, and answer one-on-one questions.

How It’s Made

One great way to appeal to your user’s curiosity is with ‘How It’s Made’ brand videos showing audiences exactly how your products are created. Lush is one such brand that regularly posts mesmerizing behind-the-scenes videos, uncovering the delicious secrets of their cosmetics production. Fans who are bedazzled by exploding bath bombs, swirling foams and surfaces color-bombed by lusters, love watching the enthralling experience of the products being made. Videos like these are great for highlighting any unique materials or processes that go into your products. If you love their videos, you will know that the incredibly delicious and intense smells you get in lush stores are all natural and all their products are 100% vegan!

Commit to a Cause

The socially responsible consumers of today are really conscious about the brands they support, why, and where their paychecks go! In fact, 80% of global consumers agree that business must play a role in addressing societal issues. To win the trust of today’s consumers, you need to take up the causes they believe in. Brands that leverage cause marketing see positive brand perception, increased brand awareness, and stronger brand loyalty. Look at how Dove shared a series of stories, working to “Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair” through legislation.

Similarly, when Ben & Jerry introduced a new flavor to promote democracy – Empower Mint – they made a powerful video to highlight their commitment to the cause. With the new product launch video, the ice-cream company strove to highlight the importance of voting and teaching their fans how, when, and where, to vote.

Influencer Impression Videos

Influencers can dramatically increase a brand’s visibility and exposure, since their word is usually the law with fans. A great idea is to ask your most relevant influencers to record first impression videos for an upcoming product from your brand, where viewers get to see their authentic reaction to your product. These types of videos are great for creating the right buzz around up-and-coming products. People are more likely to respond to the opinions and thoughts of trusted individuals in the field as they use your products, rather than believe promotional material. See how Samsung has partnered with tech influencers who receive upcoming products for a first look, and offer in-depth review including their first impressions, use cases, and other factors.

To key to acing these videos is to partner with influencers who are well known within your niche and have an engaged following. For instance, Marques Brownlee makes amazing tech impression videos for his 8 million followers. Marques makes sure to review upcoming gadgets and tech in detail before they hit the market. His videos help his followers determine if a big-ticket item is worth the cost!

Hold Live Q&A Sessions

Remember that most followers have myriad questions in mind about a new product before they can be convinced to try it. With live-streaming facility built into most social media channels, it has become easier to host your brand’s Q&A session to address the concerns and queries of buyers in real-time. Even if someone is watching your Q&A session without an intention of making a purchase, they may be swayed after watching through. For instance, if you are hosting an event or launching a product, encourage early audience participation by getting people to ask questions in real-time. Some brands hold regular Q&A sessions, in which they answer questions from their inbox, reviews, and comments, live on video.

Look at how Darren at Whitespark runs his Whitespark Weekly series, in which he shares industry insight, great advice, and SEO tips and tricks, often derived from user questions.

Explainer Videos

Be it a new trend or hard-to-grasp technology, if you want to bridge the learning gaps surrounding your products/services, it is prudent to produce and post explainer videos to help your customers drive maximum value from your offerings. Perhaps you feel like your product is not being used as intended, or there are multiple uses of your products that your customers are yet unaware of; the best way to boost product awareness is to post explainers. For more effect, have a team member explain how the product works, especially the new features that make it pop. For instance. Nintendo is swarming the gaming industry with regular live gameplay videos, trailers and web series.

To make an engaging explainer video, don’t just drone on and bore your audience to sleep. The best explainer videos leverage a combination of powerful narration and text, dynamic graphics, animations, music and sounds, and even footages of real people.

See how Amazon Go has introduced its product with a simple and succinct explainer video. The video aptly conveys the product’s features and USPs and demonstrates how it can help the user solve their problem. Even though the video is brief, yet it succeeds in communicating the product idea in full. We especially love the fact that the video answers consumer questions directly and shows you how you can use the product in real-life situations. 

In another example of brands videos, the 2D animated explainer video by Atoka follows the timeless problem-solution story approach. The video begins with a data mining problem for salesmen and marketers – a pain-point that all users can resonate with. After securing the attention of viewers, the video goes on to introduce Atoka as the solution to all their problems. See how the narrative is beautifully executed with eye-popping animations, smooth transitions, and natural sound effects.

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