How Artificial Intelligence, Millennial & Generation-Z is Transforming the Future of Workplaces

I have been associated myself with the digital marketing field for quite some time now. Back in the 90s, the term Internet was considered a new technology, a cutting-edge trendsetter, and only a few super nerdy individuals were skilled in handling Internet-related tools. However, today the Internet has become one of the most common things on planet Earth. From toddler to an adult, everyone has access to the Internet.

Now, every other professional in the working class sector associates themselves, one way or the other, with the newest internet tools to promote businesses and handle internal operations. In over a decade, I have seen workforces evolving; I have seen millennials making some ground-breaking discoveries, and at the same time, I have seen some of them wreaking havoc in your

But now, two more new generations are stepping in the town.

  • Generation Z
  • Artificial intelligence

It makes us ponder what it is going to be like managing these new generations.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace me at my Job?

One of the two concerns which we all have in mind is whether Artificial Intelligence is going to replace us from our own jobs. We have all seen the movie “Terminator” where humans create robots to help them out and instead robots develop intelligence and take over the world. We saw a similar concept being pushed in one of the Will Smith’s movies “iRobot” and Shea Lebouf’s “Eagle-eye.” Well, in the movies they had an Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith or Shea Lebouf to save the day. And then it makes us wonder a long list of all the possible what ifs…

But, one of the most highly anticipated “what ifs” among most workers in the corporate sector is that what if they end up being replaced. Let’s not forget that automation has been around for decades and it even dates back to centuries. The purpose of automating processes has always been around where people find ways to make work more efficient and productive. Similarly, artificial intelligence is also a form of automation which takes up different tasks and complete them quickly. Now, we all make sure that growing automation and adoption of AI will help us do our jobs better.

Which Skills I Should Develop to Work in the Future

2017 marks the year when three different age-groups, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z are more likely found working together by establishing harmony in the PR industries… All thanks to robust digital marketing tools and artificial intelligence. The New generation has established a very different level of comfort and has adopted and utilized some remarkably amazing technologies to get all the important tasks in time.

There is no denying the fact that Gen Z-ers can have the liberty to simply pick up their iPhone device and find a probable solution for a particular business problem whereas, a baby boomer within the industry might still struggle on learning about a keyboard shortcut. While the evolution is happening and more new pieces of technologies are entering the marketplace, employees are finding new ways to adapt to them. Skills which are necessary to develop to survive in the future market are such which can minimize the time required to complete essential tasks. Those which requires knowledge on handling smart tools are on such which can be deemed important. 

And this adaptation is not only limited to individuals who belong to the Gen Z category, but this adaptation is meant to be entertained across a wide range of professionals including the older ones.  

What Will Become of the Workplaces in the Near Future

While most Gen Z-ers are born with a mindset of being a free soul and having complete independence at work, Millennials are also empowered to adopt this particular trait as a part of their professional strategy.

In the future, employees will prefer to work from home or work during flexible hours. They are currently more eager to learn new skills which can help them grow in their respective career paths. Because of this liberty, many businesses have dramatically evolved and are in the pipeline of evolution. Digital industries have realized the incredible benefit of letting employees work in the comfort of their zones.

You can’t stop change and as a manager, you need to understand and adjust to your employees accordingly. Change is not a bad thing because people are like snowflakes and they always have different needs. Do you want to achieve targets or wish to make an impression, it all depends on which one will you choose to advocate? Bad impressions can cost you good employees but achieving targets will help you move up the professional ladder.  

The much of what we know is that “corporate responsibility” is mostly politicized by Baby Boomers and the Generation X. They haven’t yet realized the true potential of giving the middle management responsibilities to Generation Z. Today, Generation Z is more interactive and as the technological spectrum is widely increasing, they are more innovative and adaptive with using the modern day tools much accurately compared to their preceding generations. So what if this Generation is given the chance to become a part of the managerial layer?

They will be more aware of what the consumer wants and how effectively corporates can meet the demands of the society. I believe you don’t have to ask yourself whether they are prepared or not; I believe they are ready to take up some new challenges.  

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