Best Companies to Work for in London

Looking for Work? Not Anymore! Here are the Best Companies to Work for in London

At a time when Mike Ashley and Sir Philip Green are making headlines as billionaires whose companies are the best companies to work for in London, it is important that we shed light on all such organizations that are actually making an effort to make a difference.

Every organization with a forward-thinking approach knows that its success begins with its employees. For a company, being a good employer is the greatest advantage.

Nowadays, employees don’t want just a job. They desire a sense of positive fulfillment. Employees want to work for a purpose which can keep them passionate and encourage them to do more every day.

They really do want to go the extra mile to delight their customers.

The Best Companies to Work for in London in 2019

Keeping the employees in mind, we have organized this wonderful list of businesses.

Delve in, it is time you search for the best companies to work for in London.

1) Kingsley Napley LLP

Have you studied law? Want to work in an inclusive office culture environment where 52% of the employees are women? Join Kingsley Napley LLP, a law firm with a women empowerment status quo.

Here’s the best part! You get 25 days worth of paid leaves alongside incredible leadership at Kingsley.

2) Google

Are you a techie? Google is just the place for you to fit in. Everyone desires to work for the tech giant because of the great perks and their fun office space. Why not submit your resume and give it a shot?

Google favors innovation. According to Glassdoor, employees are quite pleased with the benefits.

3) Hilti

Have a knack for construction businesses? These guys manufacture construction materials. They offer award-winning training programs and keep employees regularly updated on the latest in construction.

The best thing about working at Hilti is that they offer bonuses directly to hardworking employees.

4) Funding Circle

Founded over a decade ago, this Fintech startup has grown exponentially into a massive product. Funding Circle is a great platform where employees can take up on different projects and explore.

At Funding Circle, you get discounted lunch and a number of other interesting and fun perks.

5) Amazon

Want to work at the No.1 online E-commerce & cloud storage platform? Amazon is the place to be. Though getting a job at Amazon is not everybody’s cup of tea, it is still a great place with a lot of talented colleagues.

If you’re interested in investments, you can invest in Amazon stocks and make a fortune.

6) Richemont

Richemont includes three brands; Cartier, Mont Blanc, and the recently acquired Net-A-Porter. If you consider working for Richemont, as a new employee you get to travel to Switzerland for orientation.

There are good employee perks and marvelous growth opportunities for employees at Richemont.

7) Facebook

Free lunch, generous time-off, highly skillful and talented colleagues; what more could you ask for? Having a job at Facebook comes with amazing perks and benefits that contribute to personal development.

Facebook is an innovative company where something exciting is always happening.

8) Deliveroo

One of the best places to work in London is Deliveroo, a unicorn delivery service which secured $385 million in funding. This valuation of the funding is projected to escalate to an alarming $2 billion in coming time.

Why is Deliveroo a great place to work? It’s because they have an on-site gym and a rooftop garden.

9) The New World Trading Co.

With more than 1071 employees actively working in 22 pubs and restaurants, the new world trading co. offers countless opportunities. With a 92% positive score, they make you feel like you are family.

The New World Trading Co. is the best place to find jobs if you are looking for work on an hourly basis.

10) Diageo

Diageo is an alcoholic beverage giant which is massively expanding on a global scale. Working at Diageo has its own perks; you get a diverse employee circle among which 40% are women.

Diageo cares for work/life balance. It also provides several growth opportunities for individuals.

11) EY

Listed as number 8 in the LinkedIn communities, EY has become a great place to work at for Londoners. It is one of the best companies in London which encourages employee development.

EY offers individuals opportunities so they can work remotely or in-office or even at client spaces.

12) MVF

MVF is a tech company which focuses on generating customers for businesses. It is ranked as #2 in London according to Sunday Times. It has a diverse management development program which propels employees to develop a great set of skills.

MVF is a great place to work because it offers employees a free trip to Ibiza and Portugal.

13) HSBC

If you are searching for a job in the banking industry, then look no further than the HSBC. The organization offers multiple training programs for personal development.

HSBC offers at least 25 days of annual leaves and some interesting perks and bonuses.

14) Wiser

Wiser is a small company which is attracting young talents who can bring creative ideas to the table. It works in the recruiting industry and offers several employee benefits. It has an amazing office culture.

If you are searching for a place which embraces diversity and provides feedback on management, Wiser is a great option.

So these are some of the best companies in London where you can work peacefully. They have an amazing workplace environment and they have a diverse employee circle to meet new people.

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