Best Contemporary Art Galleries for Designers in Brighton

The Best Contemporary Art Galleries for Designers to Visit in UK Brighton

If you are a huge fan of contemporary art and you are located in the UK, have you ever considered visiting Brighton? Located on the South Coast of England, this cosmopolitan city is teeming with art and culture.

For those of you who are oblivious to how valuable Brighton is for art lovers, you will be amazed to hear that Brighton is home to some of the most amazing contemporary art galleries for designers are located.

According to research, Brighton is labeled one of the most thriving creativity hubs in all of United Kingdom. Brighton boasts two popular universities where one may find a large number of students. And if you have ever had the chance to walk down the winding alleyways of the lanes, you will realize that there are several interesting independent galleries to explore. Brighton is the perfect treasure trove for contemporary art aficionados.

Here is our exclusive list of some of the best contemporary Art Galleries in UK for all types of designers.

Phoenix Brighton

Located just off the Old Steine, this great gallery is magnanimously impressive in size and is creative in expression.

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It has over 100 studio spaces and enjoys its position as one of the world’s leading platform for art education.

Are you a struggling artist who is struggling to chase after your dream? Does your current art school consistency miss out on the right events and fails to follow the correct course patterns? Well, you don’t have to fret anymore. You can apply at the Brighton Phoenix, and get the best education in arts.

Brighton Phoenix is where contemporary art comes to life. Literally!

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Here is an amazing artwork called Entangle. It has been created by none other than Diep Haven.

A wonderful thing about the artists at Phoenix is that they really take a delve into the lives of their students. By understanding them, they unlock a student’s true potential and help them find their way to success.

They also organize excursions for their students. In July, artists at Brighton Phoenix took a guided walk on Mount Caburn to explore the landscapes.

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Such creative walks offered participants enough space and time to interact creatively with the marvelous landscapes and bring their artistic creativity out.

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IO Gallery

If diversity had a name, IO Gallery is the perfect place to visit. Located in the Brighton’s North Lane, IO Gallery is an experience worth a remembrance. It has a small gallery of its own which envelopes the artworks of more than 100 different artists.

Here are some remarkable productions hosted recently at the IO Gallery.

Here you can see a Ceramic Whale with turquoise glaze by Jemma Wyllie.

A beautiful depiction of nightlife; Three owls – mini paintings on slices of birchwood – by Peta Taylor

The infamous Froglet Saint by Cath Laffan– Photomontage on wood.

IO Gallery is a small club run by artists to exhibit other artworks of renowned artists. It is a place which has an exotic (rather eccentric) ambiance and offers different experiences every time. They have an ecologically vast space and is an amazing place for contemporary art lovers.

Here’s an inside look at what this contemporary art gallery has in store for you.

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Massively designed with an exceptionally exquisite royal interior, the Brighton Pavilion is a magnanimous architecture enclosing some of the rarest collections of artistic excellence in the very heart of Brighton. But adjacent to this Pavilion is a treasury of art, design, and history. The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery has hosted exhibitions of the 20th-century decorative art to upcoming fresh ones.

The rich collection of arts and crafts at Brighton Museum is simply mind-stimulating. The dynamics of the place and the products being showcased, everything at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is marvelous and extravagant.

Not a contemporary art but this particular portrait is one of the famous artworks put up at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery – A Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling.

Here are some other great pieces of contemporary art at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

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ONCA Gallery

ONCA is an abbreviation for One Network for Conservation and the Arts. It is a self-defining gallery located in Brighton and contributes to the progressive contemporary art development.

In the past, several exhibitions have been hosted at the ONCA Gallery which portrayed contemporary paintings. Every time you get the chance to visit the ONCA Gallery, there is something entirely new and different being hosted.

Back in 2017, this was the only art gallery which hosted an exhibition called Down to the Bone which created awareness among the audience for the plight of street dogs in Spain and Portugal.

It is not only an art gallery, but it is also something more beautiful and engaging.

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