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The Best Meal Planning Apps – Meeting Goals for Good health Now Easy

Meal planning is a precursor to start a perfect dieting plan. It can be for weight control, gain or weight loss. Planning healthy meals for losing weight isn’t an easy road for everyone, especially if you aren’t a nutritionist. Another reason why people shy away from healthy is meals is they’re notorious for being everything but tasty. And it takes a lot of time to make them taste good, which you may not have daily.

Now, there is nothing to worry about. There are multiple apps present today that help in weight control. The days of fusing ingredients from recipes in cookbooks are going away slowly because these apps not only have those tasty recipes but also help users with purchasing the needed items from the grocery store.

If you ask me, I’ve been consuming readymade weight loss shakes and meals, hoping to shed off the extra kilograms I gained in three years. Instead of losing weight, I added more to my already unwanted kilos. With worry surrounding me daily, I was unable to find a way to shed enough fat to be able to brandish six abs on the beaches in Barcelona.

Fortunately for me, my boss, who’s a fitness freak himself, constantly pumped and motivated me to get rid of these fat-bergs I had adopted. In this quest, he showed me a few apps that not only helped me with exercise but also helped me make those healthy meals at home. And these apps worked like a charm for me and I’m glad to say that I’m on the right path to having a great beach body (fingers crossed).

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Since they worked for me, I decided why don’t I share those apps with you guys that will help you in creating the best healthy meal plans.

1.              Mealime

best meal planning apps

Mealime is a user-friendly meal planning app that offers users meal plans that are easy to customize as per their diet. It helps in excluding specific food items (& dishes) users may not like. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Its basic version is available for free as the premium version is available at a price.

When users have entered their preferences, the app will present them with an array of recipe choices that are complete with pictures in color, the items needed and the recipe instructions as well. The app also helps users with an organized grocery list that helps them purchase the items needed for the dishes.

What is heartening to know is that each recipe takes less than 45 minutes in preparation.

There is however one drawback in the app. It limits users to the recipe available on the app as users may not be able to make their own recipes.

Users also may not be able to save previously used meal plans, customize calorie preferences or view nutritional information unless they upgrade to the pro version. It will charge 4.64 Pounds Sterling monthly and 38.75 Pounds Sterling annually.

2.              Eat this much

best meal planning apps

Eat this much helps users obtain their needed macronutrients in staying fit. This free meal planner app takes users’ dietary choices and budget in attention to creating the best meal plans.

It also helps create the ideal grocery list for weight watchers taking all the calories and nutrient content (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals) into consideration.

Eat this much takes meal one step ahead in comparison to other apps by allowing users to customize their eating styles, such as the Paleo diet, vegetarian diet, veganism or muscle building food to match the tastes

Users can sign up for a monthly subscription of 3.88 Pounds Sterling, which will help them plan meals for up to a week. Another useful feature of this subscription is that users can log onto Eat this much’s website and export their grocery list to AmazonFresh or Instacart for delivery.

3.              Forks over knives


Forks over knives is among the best meal planning app for those with a preference for plant-based dishes. The app features more than 400 recipes focused on vegetables contributed by over 50 prominent chefs. This app helps users navigate complicated supermarket aisles by sorting out the ingredients on their shopping lists.

The app is priced at £3.87on Google’s Play Store.

4.              Paprika


Having groceries but no idea in what to cook for dinner? Have no fear, Paprika is here. Users can import their own recipes as well as those from websites through this recipe management and meal planning app. Creating a virtual cookbook via Paprika is easy through its Cloud Sync feature.

Users can never miss out on writing recipes thanks to the app’s interactive features allowing them to cross out certain ingredients and highlight needed directions. No user should forget taking the delicious snap of their created dish and add it later to the recipe’s page before eating their meal.

The App costs £3.87 on Apple’s App Store

5.              Noom


Noom helps users become mindful of their eating decisions and the way they impact their weight. It also helps in modifying eating habits by means of questionnaires and quizzes that help users know themselves. The app has a food & activity tracking mechanism that further analyses a user’s eating essence.

The app is like a health coach who guides users to weight control via a customized meal plan, support, and advice. Users can also request the motivation they can respond to best (whether its tough love, soft-touch or something in between).

Such personalized attention does come at a price as Noom will cost users almost £39 per month. It is available on both iOS and Android.

6.              MealPrepPro

MealPrepPro helps users create tailored meal plans on a weekly basis, which is based on their diet patterns and goals. It also helps them cook in large numbers by means of a comprehensive calendar. This allows users to prepare and consume fresh meals, as well as assisting them to plan in reheating leftovers on specific days.


The app also helps users estimate their cooking time per week so they can schedule their post-meal plans accordingly. It is available on iOS, charges 4.65 Pounds Sterling per month £37.19 Pounds Sterling per year.

7.              Yummly

best meal planning apps

Yummly has more than 2 million recipes, handy kitchen tips as well as articles on trending dishes. It will help users get a good overview of the kitchen. This app has an arranging feature that narrows down food dishes on the basis of cooking time, cuisine and occasion. It also leaves out those recipes that do not suit the eating habits of users.

In fact, this meal planning app will also send users notification about when its time to cook based on the recipes they have selected. If users pay £3.87 per month, they will get access to demonstration videos from leading professionals in the culinary industry, step by step.

The app is available on both iOS and Android with In-App purchases.


Sticking to a diet plan to reduce weight is indeed a difficult task. But, thanks to technology, it is no longer that difficult. The presence of numerous meal planning apps not only aid in weight control but also provide nutritious and tasty options. Each app has its own set of different options and features.

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In fact, users can choose the app that fits their personality, eating patterns and health goals in the manner possible. The best meal planning app is the one that users can actually stick to in the long run.


Muneeb Siddiqui

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