The Best WordPress Maintenance Services to Keep Your Website Up and Running in 2019

Do you have a business website running on WordPress? If you are a modern-day business person operating in the online world, I think you are quite well aware of how every second count.

And while working in the online world, you need to make sure that your website never goes down.

In case, it does…

Here’s what happens:

You start losing your money, you start losing your customers, and your brand identity goes at risk.

Now, I am sure, that’s something you just can’t afford.

But, you are busy strategizing the future goals of your business. You are focusing on how to put your product in front of the customers, which social channels could be best to promote your brand, and how should you treat your clients. Also, what efforts should you take to retain clients for a business?

All of the above factors are indeed, highly important. But, in the wake of addressing these factors, a business person can often forget about other technical aspects, such as security and maintenance.

Why not hire a third party maintenance service to make sure your website stays up and running? They not only maintain your WordPress website, but also foolproof your WordPress website security.

Listed below are the best WordPress maintenance services to consider in 2019.


WPManager is a WordPress maintenance and management service which is governed by a group of expert WordPress managers. These guys claim that they have a mission to redefine WP support.

Best WordPress Maintenance Services

WPManager came into existence because of unexpected circumstances. Jason, the founder at WPManager, found himself in a pickle at his firm and had to give up his senior position. Although he could’ve joined elsewhere, instead, he sold out all his possessions and invested in WPManager.

Well, what do you know… the firm not only had a great start but became a reliable service in the UK.

Experts at WPManager actively keep your plugins and WordPress up to date. It improves the performance of your site by adding content and optimizing it with the best keywords & SEO practices.

Services at WPManager include:

  • Proactive updates & Secure Backups
  • Speed & Performance Optimisation
  • Fixes for theme/plugin bugs and issues
  • Protection against malware and spam
  • 24/7 Site performance monitoring
  • SEO and maintenance consultancy

To check their pricing plans, Click Here.


WPFiddlyBits addressed a real problem that digital marketing clients often experience website problems which become a real hindrance in their revenue growth.

Alison realized that most of her digital marketing clients wanted people to build them high-conversion landing page designs, install autoresponders and integrate other website marketing tools. Yet, they were unable to find an expert who can make things work for their respective businesses.

With Vern Nicolas behind the backend, Alison and Jen working on the accounts, the trio worked up a great strategy to assist their clients. And hence, WPFiddlyBits came into existence to resolve errors.

WPFiddlyBits is a WP maintenance service with a twist. It comes with free website hosting, free theme/plugin updates, daily database backups, and free website edits.

Other services include:

  • Bulletproof Security
  • Integrate Pro Plugins for Site Speed
  • Website Uptime Maintenance
  • Optimize SEO to Make Website Ranks
  • Keep Spam Away From Website
  • Constant Reporting

To check their pricing plans, Click Here.

WP Butler

The WP Butler was founded by the expert WordPress Developer behind ‘DO It With WordPress’, Mr. Dave Clements. WP Butler is a maintenance and management service for WordPress sites.

It actually works like a real-life Butler for you, only this time, he is serving you virtually on WordPress.

What makes WP Butler stand out from other competitors is how he entertains customers with a custom service plan. Instead of offering specified sets of tasks for a monthly charge, it allows users to choose their desired services. This means that at WP Butler, you only pay for what you consume.

Services at WP Butler include:

  • WP Site Uptime Monitoring
  • WP Site Consistent Backups
  • Perform Constant Malware Scans
  • Check & Balance WP Updates
  • Regular WP Site Backups

To check their pricing plans, Click Here.

WP Valet

WP Valet has experienced individuals working in the background, offering some of the best options to handle on-site security, monitoring, updates, and backups. The team of experts at WP Valet not only provides WordPress maintenance services but also offer prudent business advice.

They basically provide consultancy for theme/plugin selection. They help you resolve important development issues. And, they apply SEO practices at the back-end of your website so your pages perform better.

Not only do you get a maintenance package, but you also get a team of consultants to work with.

They have transparent WP service plans. You have to fill a six-question survey form to access them.

Services at WP Valet include:

  • Personalized care and support
  • Data-driven support experience
  • Host Selection & Website Migration
  • Professional Level WP Support
  • Insightful Day-to-Day Management

To check their pricing plans, Click Here.

WP Curve

What sets WP Curve apart from other WordPress maintenance service providers is that their experts are available to assist clients around the clock. In a fixed monthly amount, the developers at WP Curve will commit themselves to remove all possible issues from your WordPress website flawlessly.

To post a problem, you have to send an email to these guys or you can make use of the 24/7 available live chat support feature on their website. They take almost 8 hours or less to get the job done for you.

Also, it depends on the severity of the problem. For a time-intensive task, you can wait for 24 hrs.

Services at WP Curve include:

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Daily Cloud Backups
  • Monthly Detailed Reports
  • Website Optimisation
  • All Core Problem Solutions

To check their pricing plans, Click Here.

Concluding Thoughts

Now, one may find many WordPress Maintenance service providers in the world of the Internet. However, only a handful of these services can really get the task done. If you already have a great WordPress maintenance provider at your service, 80% of your technical issues are in good hand.

But, just in case, if you don’t… your business is at risk in these modern times. To keep your WordPress in great shape and regularly maintained, the above discussed are a few suggestions that can come in handy.

Keep your WordPress website safe and secure at all cost.

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