Emerging Corporate Brand Trends Businesses Should Consider in 2019

Soon, it will be the end of December and we will have to bid adieu to this fun-filled and amazing year of 2018. To be honest, we are now nearing the end of another decade and just like the years that passed us by, the next one is stocking up a whole lot of new surprises in store for all of us.

Life is like a train that never stops and just like the ticking hands on a clock, every moment passed introduces a new change within our lives. Just the other day, I was involved in a deep discussion with one of our friends in the brand team, and I was astonished to learn how they were so in tune with the latest technological developments all around us. I was amazed at how knowledgeable they were on chatbots, voice engagements, social media, and artificial intelligence.

I further realized that artificial intelligence is at the top of the minds of many brand specialists. They are eager to learn how AI is helping to create personalized experiences for users and leveraging that element for the greater benefit in the branding of websites. But, that’s just one of the emerging corporate brand trends in 2019 which have grasped the attention spans of many brand enthusiasts.

Are you eager to learn about some more? Here are five emerging corporate brand trends in 2019 which are sweeping most brand teams off their feet in the coming generations.

Brand Influencers Are Now the New Spokesperson

Back in the days, conformists and celebrities were the great influencers talking about products and increasing their sales margin. However, we have seen so many celebrities already talking about various products on the Internet, that we are now tired of listening to them again and again. When celebrities are marketing products for other brands, they are selling it to the masses. Although they are able to sell the product to customers, they are not convincing enough to those who are hardcore dedicated to the brand.

There is always a niche group of customers who go above and beyond in order to support the brand. And in order to show support back to their audience, brands usually pick out an influential persona from among them and then convince them to speak on behalf of their brand. It makes the brand truly unique and inspiring for others and they also become an interesting spokesperson for the brand and products.

Post-Digital and Phigitals Will Become Common

When traditional methods were failing, businesses went digital. But, when digital is getting all crowded, is there also some other way? It has been the talk among most digital strategists since 2010. What will be the next window for marketing once things start getting messy within the digital sphere?

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Nowadays, people live online more than they live in the physical world. Marketers have realized that to move the audience back from their virtual worlds to a more realistic one isn’t quite possible. Hence, brands that are able to create immersive experiences where they are able to tie the knot between digital and traditional worlds have earned a better chance of reaching more audience. It has not only earned the audience consent, but it has also resulted in reaching out to a better class of audience and then ultimately retaining them. As a result, we now have brands built upon augmented reality before becoming physical.

Hybrid Marketer is the New Face of Marketing

We often come across firms where professional individuals are complaining, that “sales are not their thing” or “hey, isn’t this a task best left for marketing.” What they fail to realize is that every resource associated with a firm should have an equal mindset. When it comes to serving customers, you are not only an employee, you are the one who should be able to sell as well.

Organizations focused on creating disruptive marketing strategies are more likely to succeed in the year 2019. To become the future marketing specialists, you need to turn yourself into a corporate hybrid breed. They are the people who are not only technically adept but are also capable of closing down leads all on their own. Sales have now changed from just selling to coaching and connection. The audience wishes to connect with individuals who are good at explaining what they are getting done.

Hence, marketing is not about marketing anymore, it has changed to incorporate education and enablement. It is a rising corporate brand trend that most businesses are leveraging in these modern times.

Brands Will Become More Customer-Driven

A leading corporate brand in 2019 is none other but the one which will dictate the rule of customers. We belong to a customer filled-market and without customers, there is hardly a chance that your business will ever survive. Back in the days, brands use to dictate what they wish to sell imperatively and apparently customers will not heed any attention to what you are selling. If you are incapable of empathetically connecting with your customers, you are greatly failing at doing business properly. As a brand of 2019, you certainly don’t want that to happen now, do you?

Make sure that you listen to what your customers need and then design your respective brand strategy accordingly. If you are listening to them and delivering what they require you to deliver, then you are opening better gateways for more similar customer mindsets to walk in and purchase your product and services. Websites and businesses are compelled to offer personalized experiences to users. And those who are failing to deliver, are eventually lagging.

Concluding Thoughts

As we move towards the end of the year 2018, the new year is indeed approaching fast. Tides of market-disrupting forecasts are looming over the horizon. Diversification in innovative tactics is becoming more and more obvious. Businesses that are successful in combining their overarching strategies with innovative management solutions are successfully adjusting the changing climate within the corporate sector. There is more excitement now than fear. It’s just a matter of time until the world will realize what the future has in store for them. But whatever it is, it will change the course and history of the world.

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