How a Content Producer can Generate Leads for your Agency

How a Content Producer can Generate Leads for your Agency

Since you are already going through the trouble of creating informative, well-thought out and valuable content, why not make the most of your time and efforts and generate lots of leads through your content? As you may have heard, “Content is the one true king!” This is because great content lures your audience in, with which you will eventually generate leads. And once you’ve captured those leads, you can drive profitable customer action by marketing your products and services to them. In fact, businesses that use content marketing see six times higher conversion rates as opposed to those that don’t.  This is why you should have a well-designed content blueprint that sets your brand apart and screams value to your prospects. Here are a few effective ways a content producer can start generating quality leads with content marketing.

4 Ways a Content producer can transform content Into a Lead

Start a High-Converting Blog

The most important weapon in a web content editor’s arsenal, blog posts are ideal for informing your audience about the topics they are interested in. In addition to adding value for your readers, blog posts enhance the number of indexable pages in your domain and also help to direct people to your landing or sales page. In order to turn your blog into a lead generation machine, you need to fully understand who your audience is and comprehend their pain points. Creating valuable content that solves these pain points is how you convert readers into prospective customers. Creating stellar content boils down to discovering a gap in knowledge or expertise in the blogging world and writing on unique topics. The goal is to provide real, actionable information, that caters to the needs of your audience and try to incorporate your product/service as a solution. Skip the hard sells and focus on winning their trust.

Create Gated Content

You can go a step beyond and offer gated content to your audience; grab their attention with routine blog posts, while going in-depth with exclusive content.  For instance, you could ask readers to sign up for a webinar, download an eBook, purchase a course, listen to a podcast, or even join your online community.

Content upgrades is also one of the most effective ways of turning your blog into a lead generating machine. The idea is to create an offer that is directly related to what the blog post is about and provides additional value. For instance, if your blog post pertains to preventing abandoned carts, a content upgrade can be an exclusive video or a detailed eBook that shows people how to do it.

Guest Blogging

A great way for a digital content producer to generate qualified leads for their agency is to guest write for popular blogs in their niche or industry. Guest blogs allow you to collaborate with sites that are already catering to a wide audience in your niche and offer you a way to capitalize on their fan following. In order to successfully pitch to high-authority sites, be sure to look up popular blogs that your target audience might be interested in. Brainstorm out-of-the-box content ideas that will capture eyeballs and get you the attention that you require.

Last but not the least, remember to include a lead magnet that is relevant to the content of your guest post. Content producers need to make sure that the lead magnet solves a real problem, help your audience to easily achieve something, is quick to digest (such as a PDF checklist or a free template or theme), is instantly accessible (for instance, an eBook that can be downloaded at the click of a button), and should have both high perceived value and high actual value.

You can share a link to the lead magnet’s landing page in your author’s bio, somewhere in the introduction, or even insert a content upgrade if the website allows it. Make sure that your lead magnet is connected to your email marketing service to get maximum sign-ups. This way, when someone clicks the link in your article, they will be redirected to the landing page of that lead magnet, where they will have to enter their email address to get the prize!

Create Webinars and Podcasts

Fans are hooked to live video or audio sessions where they get to learn something new, find solutions to their pain points, or get their questions answered. Content producers can leverage webinars and podcasts to enhance brand awareness or to become a voice of authority in their niche, while giving their brand a human face. These content formats also make popular lead magnets since they require sign-ups. You can choose topics that your followers are interested in learning about and even co-host with popular influencers to increase your reach.

Even if you are working on a shoe-string budget, podcasts are easy to set up and host; all you need is a decent microphone and a fun and engaging host who can keep your audience riveted. If you are using a podcast for lead generation, don’t forget to ask your listeners to subscribe to updates about it. By subscribing to your podcast, your audience will stay up-to-date on industry trends, upcoming launches, or even previews of future episodes. For instance, if you are a app developer agency, you can create an interview-centric podcast, where you invite and interview guests who are heavily involved in the web design industry in each episode, such as content strategy, typography, web publishing, art direction, web technology, or you can share the business-side of running a web design company with your audience. Similarly, webinars such as ‘how-tos’ and other timely topics can help you generate high-quality leads. Since you are spending so much time and money in producing a brand video or a webinar, you should send out email invitations and run some social media promotions to get the word out about your webinar and get maximum eyeballs. You may also want to use your webinar as a lead magnet and collect the contact information of your niche crows along the way! Webinars are especially useful for engaging audience at the top of the funnel. A great idea for a successful webinar is to conduct a Q&A session where you can engage with your attendees and address their pain points. This will also give your audience a chance to get to know your product and services

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