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What is a cursive font?

The word cursive doesn’t mean curvy. It has originated from the Medieval Latin word, “cursivus” which means “running.” Henceforth, a font that has a running flow and interconnecting words are deemed as cursive.

In the world of web design, cursive fonts are known as a script or joint writing, rendered in a flowing style. Premium web design agencies in London leverage the power of cursive fonts and enhance the visibility of their brand for customers.

The purpose of using cursive writing fonts in your context is to make the flow smoother and faster to write. It is not necessary that all cursive fonts be present in the conjoined form. For instance, casual script fonts do not include a conjoined style, but instead, connect letters using joints and lifts.

In the modern era, we can find joint writing styles in myriad languages. We can take inspiration from Cyrillic and Arabic language formats. The conjoined format may differ between languages, as some letters are connected in the string form while others with undulated strokes. But, one thing is for sure; all languages have a cursive style of fonts in their written scriptures.

Today, one can find cursive fonts in abundance in the online world. But, to spot a diamond in the dirt, you need a keen eye. For web designers, this can turn into a really tricky and cumbersome task.

To make your research a whole lot easier, we have assembled some brilliantly written free cursive fonts.

These fonts can be used in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw & Microsoft.
Just pick one that befits your need perfectly.

Mirabella Scripts

Encompassing the beauty of both Mirabella and Matteo styled calligraphy, the Mirabella Scripts are a fine-tuned font style present in the market. You can purchase the Mirabella Scripts for only $13 at the Creative Market. The best thing about the font is its versatile usage. You can use this particular font style for title signatures, logo designs, stationery scripts, letterheads, labels, poster texts, badges and more. They come with aesthetically pleasing alternate characters, ligatures and multiple language support.

Sugar & Spice

Mastered to perfection, Sugar & Spice is the brainchild of Brittney Murphy and is free to download from Brittney Murphy Design. Planning to create a holiday-based campaign for your website? Sugar & Spice can turn your campaign into a real profitable solution. You can add a mix of sweet and sour tinge to your script with this font type using the short ascenders and descenders. This effect gives the whole font a multi-line type design. In my opinion, it is one of the best fonts for personal use in web design.


Give your script a real toasty and crunchy feel with the Crunchy font design. A crunchy font can be your one-stop shop solution for all. This type of font gives a real authentic feel to your logo designs. The Crunchy font is free to use and is a recognized font within the freelance web design community. It is created by Mans Greback and is one of the trendiest fonts, which blends perfectly with retro-style web designs. With crunchy, originality drips from every stroke, as if it is meticulously marked by hand.

This vintage, handwritten stylistic font includes more than 200+ special characters, and is available for only £29.

The Woodlands

If you are searching for a font style that packs a modern calligraphic feel, you need to look no further than the Woodlands. This cursive style font is not only free, but it is also an amazing choice for web designers. It is created by Jeremy Vessey. The best thing about using the Woodlands font is that it gives web designers the liberty to use the font for both personal as well as commercial use. To take a look on some of his works, you can visit his complete portfolio on Behance.

Beautiful Bloom

Seeking a beautiful look for your engaging website, you need to add the right fonts to your web design. Beautiful Bloom is a font design which pairs well with any type of website design. Beautiful Bloom is a craft work done by Mats – Peter Forss. This font type is an interesting option for a variety of print and digital projects. They go best with a variety of stationery items, posters, logo designs, web designs, etc.

Thirsty Rough

Seeking to give your website design or graphic elements a roughed-up look? This vintage style cursive font will give the perfect rough look to your design. The Thirsty Rough font has a classic letterpress printing effect which adds an aesthetically pleasing appeal to your logos and designs. Plus, the roughness in the typeface also adds a spicy allure to the observing eye. The price for these fonts starts at $49.

BombShell Pro

Bombshell Pro is a passionate by-product of the exquisite hand-calligraphy. It is a handmade art crafted by emily lime, which includes long-styled characters. These fonts are beautifully exceptional and can work wonders for your website if you want to add beautiful headings or a signature look to it. The font comes with more than 800+ glyphs which include all initial and terminal letters. It also contains some interesting roman numerals and comes with flawless letter connections. It gives a realistic feel to designs.

Carolyna Pro Black

Add some grace to your font style with the Carolyna Pro Black. Gorgeously designed and perfectly hand-written, this font exudes the perfect essence of grace. It ignites the positive mood within the readers and eradicates all the haziness and whimsy from the mind of the reader. There is no doubt that the creator has kept in mind the element of readability in mind when crafting it. The Carolyna Pro Black font directory contains a total of 1000 characters, including a range of foreign letters and interesting glyphs to make a design better.

Hipster Script Pro

Amalgamate the power of modernity with retro style and give birth to a typeface like no other. The end result is the Hipster Script Pro. Keenly designed, the Hipster Script Pro is one of the top trending fonts in the market within the cursive font category. Igniting the essence of contemporary subculture, the brush stroked fonts are the best for commercial type businesses. They add deep artistry to each character. In the Hipster Script Pro design, every element shines bright and stands high above the ground.

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