Highly Impressive Graphic Design Portfolios to Super Boost Your Creativity in 2019

Your Portfolio help describes who you are. As a designer, a portfolio dictates your proficiency in work among different customers. It outlines your talent and shares it with potential prospects.

Interested to know how I realized this nugget of information…

Just the other day, I and my designer friend were sitting in the office cafeteria, having a detailed conversation on securing clients. 10 minutes into the discussion, I was intrigued to ask him this secret question of how he wins his clients without even exchanging a few words with them.

He casually responded back with this answer:

“Graphic Portfolios, my friend, a well-equipped portfolio does most of the talking on your behalf.”

So, it got me all wondering, can a simple portfolio do such an amazing job for you?

As I came back to my workspace, I opened up my laptop and started my hour-long research. I came across a number of stunningly designed graphics portfolios and this is what I came to:

When it comes to designing a portfolio, there is no one way of doing it. While you can add some spark of creativity to your website design, you can also find yourself stuck in the tyranny of making the wrong choices.

As a designer, I am sure you are as much eager to learn about crafting the perfect portfolios as much as I am right now. So, here are some of the most amazing portfolio designs created by experts in the market.

Best Graphic Design Portfolios to Consider in the Year 2019

Matt Pamer

So, the first one on my list today is Matt Pamer. He is not only a graphic designer but a whole lot more. He is an art director who is currently residing in Brooklyn. As an illustrator, Matt has created some amazing illustrations that are cherished by some of the keenest eyes in Brooklyn. In fact, his work is so magnanimous that it gained fame within a short span of time. He got featured in some of the most renowned print magazines. His work also appeared in FPO, Naive, Modernism & Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design and The Dieline. We aren’t just boasting his talent, here is a snippet of his remarkable portfolio.

 graphic design portfolio

Jane Song

She is a prolific graphic designer who specialized in print media designs, branding and presentation designs. She has a real flare for photography retouches, web design, app design, and basic video editing. She received her BFA qualification in graphic design from the Pratt Institute and MFA from the School of Visual Arts MFA Designer in the Author program. She has served clients, mammoth clients, such as the Environmental Defense Fund, Brooklyn Commune Restaurant, Dewey &Leboeuf LLP, Alfalfa Studio, Marc Ecko Enterprise, Day & Age Restoration, in addition to other renowned entrepreneurs. Through her magnanimous skill set, she has helped many clients brainstorm innovative ideas and find the true identity of their brand value.

graphic design portfolio

Jane Song of MailChimp

Now, Jane Song is another story. She works as a senior designer at MailChimp. Jane creates highly effective and interesting designs for the firm. Each of her designs gets a well-deserved exposure from some of the best clients on MailChimp. Her designs are quite simple and incorporate just a little amount of text. It is something that makes her designs quite appealing for different customers. In a way, her simplicity connects her work with people coming from all walks of life. Her portfolio is replete from exciting pieces.

Danny Jones

Danny is a skilled 3D art specialist with ample amount of hands-on experience in 3D interactions and visual designs. His approach to work focuses on solving problems. He has worked for countless websites, apps, products, apparels, films, motion graphics, and branding. Currently, Danny Jones is employed at Facebook as a 3D design specialist. He has worked on various AR projects for Facebook. Before joining Facebook, Danny had been a part of various renowned firms, including big names such as Dropbox and Google.


10Clouds is a design firm that takes extraordinary pride in bringing finer details to life in various design elements. If you visit their website, you will find each of their project case studies explaining in detail how they helped brands build aesthetically pleasing products. Plus, their page designs talk a lot about them. If you look closely, you will see that each of their page layouts are rigid and dynamic in nature. Yet, the flow and style are quite smooth as compared to other designs. These guys really set the tone apart on their website by placing a large amount of information in quite an appealing way for customers. This way, the information shared is neither boring nor eye-straining for the reader. All that is done in a pleasing way.

Lotta Nieminen

Lotta completed her studies in graphic design and illustration from the University of Art and Design Helsinki and Rhode Island School of Design. Before she found her New York-based studio in 2012, she was already nominated in the Forbes Magazine’s annual 30 Under 30 list. She has enlightened many minds by giving detailed talks in conferences and education institutions in distinct parts of the world. Her knowledge of design and perspectives is quite magnificent. Lotta Nieminen is now serving as a graphic designer and an art director who is skilled in creating some of the most lucrative designs.

Are these Graphic design portfolios exciting to look at? You can also visit their websites individually and explore their portfolios as well. Do you know that our web design agency not only creates aesthetically pleasing websites but also organizes portfolios and case studies for our clients and prospects?

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