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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile-App like NatWest Online Banking App?

All of us have been there — or will after reading the next line. Thought about launching an online business.

Today, one of the fastest growing industry in the world is the banking industry. And as many new entrants are stepping in, the need to keep the clients satisfied through innovative products is increasing by the day.

Do you know that mobile banking apps are one of the most used Apps in the UK as per the latest statistics? In fact, four out of 10 people in the UK regularly use mobile banking apps to access their account, while branch visits are in freefall. According to figures released by industry analyst CACI, as many as 72 percents of the UK adult population, or 35 million people, will use mobile banking services in 2023. Of these, almost 22 million regularly access their accounts via an online app, a figure that has doubled in the past four years. There were 5.5 billion mobile banking log-ins last year with people logging into a mobile banking app 275 times a year on average, equating to 174 log-ins every second.

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Almost every banker providing his services anywhere in the world knows that banking is going mobile. Gone are the days when people used to believe that it is a luxury which only the big boys in the market can afford.

Now I am not saying that you’ll be able to create something like NatWest mobile banking app right away, but there are dozens of ideas which are already floating in the market. If you plan and execute your banking app development project correctly then it can set your bank apart from the rest, help you get engaged with the right customers within no time and with minimum investment.

So What Sets NatWest Online Banking app Apart from Others?

If you’re in the UK and want a mobile app that can help you manage your finances the right way? Look no further than the NatWest online banking personal app. It is one of the easiest to use and offers a wide range of banking options. The app has also secured the ‘Best Banking App’ at British Bank Awards in 2017 and 2018.

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Why NatWest Online banking app is the best in the British banking industry? The things that make NatWest app stand out is the range of interesting features it offers.

  • You can check your balance
  • You can view details of all your transactions
  • You can personalize your accounts.
  • It comes with fingerprint login and touches ID, iPhone X FaceID support.
  • You can pay bills from the mobile app.
  • You can schedule your future payment dates.
  • You can register up travel plans as per your wants.
  • You can manage your account alert notifications.
  • You get highly responsive customer support in case you’re facing any issues.

Do you see how many features and options a mobile banking app can offer to your customers?

All this requires a solid strategy, execution plan and, of course, investment.

Answering the question of how much an average price of a banking mobile app has encouraged us to breakdown the costing structure of an average mobile app so you can understand why it costs a fortune to build one.

How is the Fee Segmented and Determined?

No mobile app has a fixed development cost. Most mobile app development agencies in London charge the client by the hour. Others also settle in for a fixed development price; however, the flexibility margin for the build-up of the app is relatively small. You can’t get much done in a fixed budget. However, to average out an idea for users who are interested in building something similar to the NatWest mobile app, consider these factors:

Determine the scope of the mobile app Commonly, a mobile app which adjusts the greater number of features is more likely to have a large size. If you ever get the chance to have a detailed discussion with one of the developers at a mobile app agency firm, then you will realize that each feature requires consistent testing until the code behind the feature is mastered to perfection. This relatively results in increasing the development time and hence, adds up to the time required for the complete mobile app to be built.


Determine the man-hours required for the build Once you’ve finalized the scope of work, you’ll have to calculate man-hours mobile app developers will put in to build the perfect banking mobile app. The team which was handed over the NatWest’s project had well-categorized designers and developers working at the back-end day in and day out. The time these resources spent on designing building the app is determined as man-hour spent. You need to identify how much time each of your developers, designers, quality specialists and project managers are going to invest in completing the app.

Customized Features & Modules Every great mobile app idea is born out of necessity. And there are a ton of hours of unique and innovative features that might pop up in the mind of the client. When clients pitch their idea to a mobile app development agency, their agenda is to develop a creative app, which is completely unique and stimulate a sizable number of users from the intended audience to use it.

In this quest, clients often feel the need to push as many features as possible in the app. Doing this results in increasing the development time and costs. Therefore, whenever you’re planning to get an app developed to make sure you focus on the core features that will go in the app and avoid the bells ‘n’ whistles or get them incorporated in future builds of the app.


Testing & refinement associated costs – Some mobile apps require less testing while others require a good amount of continuous testing. Static mobile app design has to pass through a less number of testing phases whereas, a dynamic mobile app with custom animation will require more. Static mobile apps are relatively cheaper to build. But when you are designing a dynamic mobile app, you need to address the requirements, compatibility, interface, security, low-level resources of the app. Before it was launched, the NatWest app went through a number of open and beta testing phases which incurred costs altogether.


Set the project time-frame – When designing a mobile banking app such as NatWest, make sure to keep your project timeline as flexible as possible. Such apps are feature intensive and may require a new feature to be introduced and added as the app idea progresses. Project time-frames are incredibly important because you might’ve to hire extra staff or pay overtime.

What is the Cost for Building an App like the NatWest Mobile Banking App?

Generally, simple app designs for the banking industry that merely provide a window where the bank’s internet banking page is displayed costs around $20,000 to 30,000. We at Branex, have evaluated that the basic banking mobile app goes through a number of complicated steps before it is standardized.

You need a team who knows what the needs of users and how the bank is positioning itself to stand out from the crowd. The team includes back-end and front-end developers, UI designers who’ll craft an impressive interface, UX engineers ensuring the app offers an intuitive and streamlined user experience and an efficient product/project manager who’ll ensure the whole development process goes as planned, resulting in a high-performing application being developed.

The numbers break down to about 120 hours of work per week with an average development time of around 10 weeks for a mobile banking app to be built. The time specified is basically the time which will then subsequently be distributed among different teams associated with the development of the app. It is a cumulative time frame. However, if you are planning to get it more customized just like the NatWest online mobile banking app and get the marketing done as well, this number can easily go north of $150,000.

In the end…

So there you have it. In this piece, I’ve summarized the aspects and features that any company from the banking industry should keep in mind when finally deciding to go for developing a mobile application to facilitate the customers. Just like any channel that businesses exploit to better connect with and serve their customers, a mobile app is another channel that is here to stay and will yield maximum results.

NatWest is a shining example for the players in the banking industry that if you play the mobile card correctly then you too can be the recipient of the next British Bank Award in the banking app category.

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