Expert Freelance Marketer and Productivity Specialist Francesco D’Alessio Interview

Francesco D’Alessio is a technology enthusiast; he runs his own technology and productivity channel on YouTube, with the name ‘Keep Productive’. Francesco loves to educate people on the latest tools in the market which can help professionals get their work done in a smarter and more efficient manner. He incessantly seeks out innovative productivity resources and applications, as it is his passion to delve in new tools, especially in the software space. A lot of professionals are oblivious to the tools and software that can help them bring significant improvement and time economies to their work. Francesco aspires to bridge this gap as much as he can. Francesco personally works a freelancer and his dedication to his work has earned him prestigious clients, such as Blinkist, Newton, Therachat and many others. If you are looking to master your daily routine, Francesco’s “Keep Productive” is the channel you need to subscribe right away. Now, let’s start his interview to dig deeper into Francesco’s most important experiences and work knowledge.

Branex: Francesco, what inspired you to choose a career as a productivity specialist and a marketer?

First off, thanks for having me on your blog. It’s awesome to be here.

I was always interested in productivity software as a kid, a strange topic, and decided that my skills lie in helping people connect with the most suitable tools for their work through a process of elimination.

On YouTube, I put together reviews to help give people a balanced opinion of the resource so that they can make an informed decision. The other half of my day is freelance marketing, something I truly enjoy doing – and helping companies excel their existing efforts online.

Branex: What in your opinion is the major reason that makes people reluctant towards buying paid versions of most products?

Francesco D’Alessio: Paid tools are always a taboo subject. It’s the same reason people debate upgrading our everyday items. A paid to-do list app could always be a free plain list in paper format, so why not use that. People are reluctant and unsure whether it is suitable for them and whether they can do it for free. It’s our nature – and in most cases- it’s so important to explore whether the tool will see a return on investment, be it in monetary form or alleviation of stress, leading to more quality time with family and friends.

Branex: Why did you choose to become a freelancer instead of a more traditional job for some organization?

Francesco D’Alessio: I was very lucky to walk into freelancing, whilst working hard at university to make it a reality. Working for myself right now gives me more freedom to carve out a plan for my career, and the freedom to experiment and help others navigate the same waters.

Branex: We checked your channel ‘keep productive’ on Youtube, it is pretty impressive, I got amazed by how frequently you add videos to it. Is it your passion to help people enhance their productivity?

Francesco D’Alessio: I have a huge passion for helping everyone match the best software. If people are looking, I want to be there. Our goal is to become the number one resource for when people are searching for their tool of choice for work or life.

Branex: We would request you to please recommend some of the best productivity tools to our readers.

Francesco D’Alessio: Some of the best productivity tools for me are Todoist, Notion, Evernote, Trello – all really well-rounded solutions for most situations. The fewer apps you use, the better.

Branex: How do you see the transformation of digital space in the next 5 years? Which tools or companies you believe to be ruling the digital arena and why?

Francesco D’Alessio: The future is modular productivity software that learns from you and makes small tasks easier to complete. This will be a huge leap and a blend of AI and leant habits by a system.

Branex: Many people believe that implementing productivity tools within their organization might disparage their value in the market? What solution do you recommend for overcoming such a dilemma?

Francesco D’Alessio: All organizations should always seek to endorse processes. This is something I’ve been taught continuously recently since it is so important. If a team has a step, it needs to be documented and used, taught and learned across the board. Implementing tools does take time, but it’s time you’ll earn back if adopted with an effective method and team.

Branex: What new incredible productivity tools do you see, have been recently launched or getting launched in the market?

Francesco D’Alessio: Notion is the one to watch for. 2019 holds good things for it!

Branex: What are some of the top tools you would recommend to a digital agency like Branex, which works in digital design, marketing, and development domains?

Francesco D’Alessio: Totally depending on your working style and size of staff, I’d look at a collaborative tool like Trello or Asana to help manage your work in boards. Creating a new area of each department and projects alike. You’ll find huge value using this. But there are plenty of other equally competent ones.

Branex: It is really impressive that the highest qualification you hold is a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Plymouth. How important a role do you believe a degree in business has played into your overall success?

Francesco D’Alessio: 0%. Qualifications in my eyes mean 0. The degree gave me time. Time to work on shaping my own projects, plans, and efforts. For many, a degree will excel them and of course, if they’re applying for a specific role, get them in the door, but for me, it means nothing.

Branex: Francesco, what do you do to maintain work life/balance? What hobbies have you adopted to keep yourself relaxed and always ready to cope with any challenges life throws at you?

Francesco D’Alessio: I enjoy boxing in the gym, 3 times a week – it keeps me stay in shape and is super fun. I also enjoy watching Formula One, taking long walks with my wife and spending quality time with family. Balance is very subjective and will take time to master, some weeks it is off, other weeks, it goes well – but it’s about making sure you’re enjoying all aspects of the day.


We would like to thank you, Francesco, for giving us your precious time and sharing your knowledge with us. I hope people would learn greatly from this interview and follow your channel “Keep Productive” for latest updates about productivity tools and tips.

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