Marketing Brochure

Why is a Marketing Brochure Important for your business

Whether you want to announce new services or products or compound upon existing ones, communicate core ideas to prospects, or reach your target audience, a marketing brochure helps you stand out in a technology-driven world, and establishes your business as professional, reliable, and committed to quality. Even though most businesses are solely relying on digital marketing mediums, a tactile presence stays in the minds of people. As opposed to a fleeting ad that goes out of mind as soon as it gets out of sight, a marketing brochure is something your prospects can carry home and refer to whenever they require your services. In fact, studies suggest that that physical media is more memorable, persuasive, and twice as likely to drive behavior as digital media.

Not to mention, a marketing brochure is more likely to reach your target customers. While digital mediums also allow you to target specific user groups, the issue is that your ads could go unnoticed or largely ignored. However, a brochure handed to prospects at trade conferences or events, or slipped through the doors of your prospects, hardly gets unnoticed. All those takeaway menus accumulating on your kitchen counter do come in handy when you don’t feel like cooking.

One other reason that marketing brochures are still significant in 2022 is that brochures allow businesses to cram a whole of information in a small area. As opposed to digital ads that come with length and character limitations, brochures give you plenty of advertising real estate to describe your services and products, narrate your brand story, include pricing details, offer discounts/coupons, and include everything else that you want to communicate.

Last but not the least, brochures are much more pocket-friendly than radio, newspaper, TV ads, and digital media. You can easily find a design agency or a freelancer to design and produce sleek brochures that fit your budget. Buying in bulk will also significantly decrease your marketing expenditure. Furthermore, as compared to TV ads and digital medium where the advertisement space is shared by several businesses vying for public attention, brochures instantly capture the attention of your audience.

Different Examples of Marketing Brochures Designs That Grab Eyeballs

Travelling brochure

 Did you know that after travel ads, print brochures are the second-most popular source of trip-planning information? In fact, 85% of participants have admitted to seeing a new attraction only after seeing it on a brochure. A travel brochure about a place or attraction is the perfect medium to tell travelers about what to do in the destination, Information on when to visit, ticket cost, how to get there, and so on. Make sure to add critical info such as the website, phone number, location, or whatever it takes to ensure tourists find the place. Similarly, if you want to design a brochure for a city, you could cover the basic attractions and local recommendations, as well as a walking map of the city. Remember that when you are designing a travel brochure, photography is an essential part since compelling pictures can serve as tourist magnets and make people want to visit.

Tip: When you are trying to incorporate so much information in a single brochure, make sure to maintain visual hierarchy with background boxes, dividing lines, and color-coding.

Product Brochure

A product brochure is a single or multi page folded paper that highlights a company’s products. When designing a stellar marketing brochure that compels people to buy from you, you have to write powerful content backed by stunning images to visual interest to your brochure design. Ideally, you should aim for one image, icon, or illustration per product offering. We always advice using close-up shots of the product itself, as well as attractive packaging or photos of the items in use. Make sure to write a few lines of description under each product, and preferably the price, specs, or color variations.

Remember that making your images and text work together will help you foster an emotional connection with your customers and create an interest in your offerings. Remember that your brochure may bring your prospect to a point where they’re ready to take the next step, so be sure to include complete contact information or a link to your online store, where people can peruse or buy your products. Also, most people visit a company’s social media pages to read about their products/reviews, so be sure to publicize your social media channels within the brochure.

Website design brochure

It seems like web design agencies are opening up left and right, but if a web design company wants to be a frontrunner in its industry, all that is needed is a creative brochure that sweeps their customers off their feet. A professionally designed web design brochure helps you narrate your brand’s story and differentiate your brand. The key to designing a winning website design brochure is to let your customers know who you are, what you offer, what differentiates you from competitors, what technology stack you are offering, where your expertise lies, and what your unique selling points are. When you are incorporating so much information in your brochure, make sure to break your text with headlines and sub-headers to make it skimmable for readers who don’t have the attention span to read the entire thing.

You may also want to give your prospects a sneak-peak into your design capabilities with a few images of your best works. Make sure you use a color palette for the brochure that aligns with your overall branding and marketing efforts to ensure coherency. Not to mention, your brochure should also feature a professional business logo designed by an agency on the front and the back page, with the elements of your logo repeated throughout the design. Last but not the least, you should include contact information, working days and hours, a link to your social channels and website, and preferably a QR code that directs prospects to your website.

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