Watch out for These Amazing Mobile App Development Trends for the Year 2019

Mobile apps are now evolving, and they are being developed at a breathtaking speed. We see contemporary trends making their way into the world every passing year and several mobile app developers are now embracing some new and improved technologies to create future mobile apps. Mobile development organizations who are failing to embrace such technologies will inevitably lag behind in the market.

Recent research indicates that on an average, the total number of smartphone users are now being expected to reach an alarming 2.5 billion by the end of 2019. These numbers were somewhere around 2.1 billion back in 2016. Since then, the number of people using smartphone technology has immensely grown, boosting the app market faster than we have perceived.

More than 2.1 million Android apps and almost 2 million iOS apps have been recorded in the third quarter of 2018. Now, the year 2018 is about to end and developers are finding ways to evolve their innovative approaches in mobile app development altogether while entering into the new year. The enormous popularity of these mobile apps is justifying all investments made.

However, if you are a business entrepreneur who wishes to garner a mobile app for your business, understanding which trends are basking in the limelight in the mobile app world is incredibly important. Here are some mobile trends which are projected to enjoy the center stage in 2019.

The Era of AR/VR is Here

The era of Virtual Reality is not that far, and it will affect our lives immensely. We are already seeing some AR specialized apps trending in the FMCG goods market and the entertainment industry. We also observe the application of VR specialized apps in the gaming industries. It won’t be long until tons of discoveries will make their way into the big businesses and increase workforce training sessions surrounding the AR and VR technology. While some believe that the developments in AR and VR will become relatively slow, I believe that AR will see unprecedented heights in the coming year.

Brands such as Apple and Google have made their way into the mobile app industry. Apple has recently launched two amazing devices, iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus, supporting this technology. Also, the latest iOS update has introduced the ARKit 2, which enables developers to design par excellent AR apps, leveraging the ultimate new and improved platform. In fact, Google Maps has also recently introduced an AR extension for its maps allowing users to easily navigate their way more easily using the AR technology.

Chatbots Will Become Remarkably Interactive

The total net worth of the worldwide chatbot market sums up to around $190.8 U.S. million, as per the year 2016. It is estimated that these numbers will approximately reach around $1250 U.S. million by the year 2025. Do you wonder why and how this market is expansively growing? Having an assistant on the front-end of your website increases the opportunity of interaction between customers and the platform.

These little assistants are incredibly tech-savvy which means that they are now becoming more and more sophisticated. With the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, chatbots are now becoming smart enough to assist users more accurately than before. They are capable of making user-experience on a website more personalized and provide commendable customer support to incoming users.

The technology is smart and interactive and hence, it has gained considerable attention within mobile apps. Chatbots are now being used to help users navigate their way around mobile apps and will continue to do so till the year 2019.

IoT Will Become More Common as Compared to Now

Internet of Things has already made its way into a number of industries. We don’t actually know how long the technology will last and what impact it will have on our future, but one thing is for sure; the technology is here to stay. You can’t even imagine the possibilities this technology holds for apps that will drive the future systems. It has made its way into the retail sectors and is expanding businesses digitally.

Smart home automation is one place that has leveraged the power of IoT. Buildings are now being integrated with powerful sensors. It has made its way into the schooling system interconnecting students, parents, and teachers together on a single platform. From air conditioning units to parking lots and refrigeration systems, everything is now powered with IoT. To run these IoT powered platforms, mobile applications will be needed and hence, IoT will create better opportunities for mobile app developers.

Entering Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

IDC states that more than 75% of workers in the ERP industry are leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. It’s because Artificial Intelligence increases the margin of profitability and proficiency in businesses. AI has now made its way deeper into the mobile app world. AI will soon replace human beings with robot technology and it will diminish numerous jobs in various departments.

Today, it has significantly taken over jobs in areas of customer service and many more. It has not only made its way into the world of customer service, but it has also laid siege in more traditional industries such as healthcare and automobile industries. It has also disrupted Chatbots and the world of AI as well. AI and Machine Learning are becoming the future of the technological era.

Technological advancements are taking place everywhere around the world. Newer developments in the field of mobile technology have given rise to a multitude of opportunities for businesses. Brands are now more inclined at offering personalized experiences to incoming audiences. And, if these conditions are not fairly met, they would always choose another platform for their development needs.

So here are some of the most interesting trends in the world of mobile app development. Do you have any other budding mobile app trend in the year 2019 to consider? Do let us know and we will make sure to cover it in our next publishing.

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