PPC landing page best practices:

PPC landing page best practices: How to increase income in business?

Regardless of the level of business startup, you’re running, the goal of every business and its survival depends on brainstorming new ways of boosting revenue.

As your business grows, Entrepreneurs usually learn how to guarantee a smooth cash flow, but what they find a tough nut to crack is how to create PCC landing pages that actually convert?

While landing pages, in theory, sound simple enough, when it comes to PPC landing pages, it is not easy at all.

One of the major reasons that landing pages fail is that there are a lot of departments involved in the development process. And with each having its own agenda, it sometimes gets difficult to bring everyone on the same page.

For instance, the product development team wishes to promote the amazing new product feature.

The customer service department wants to show off the beefy warranty plan.

IT insists on sticking to its usual web template.

While the legal wants to implement all the policies out there.

The list goes on.

And you, as a PPC expert want to convert all the visitors on your landing page.

Before you even know it, your PPC landing page has 10 different goals, and they are not helping at all.

To help you avoid such situations, you need to follow these best PPC landing page practices which can aid you in maximizing sales and expanding your business.

Align your headline, offer, and CTA together

Do you feel that customers are bouncing off your PPC landing page without taking any action?

Other than the design and development issues, the core problem could lie in the fact that your headline, offer, and call-to-action are not aligned together.

If you fail to align any one of the components, it will cause confusion for the customer and eventually lead them to bounce off without buying anything.

To help keep things in line, follow the same principles you leverage to write your ad copy.

  • Make the ad-copy exclusively for the user, centered on their preferences and interests.
  • Instead of immersing in self-recommendation, focus on the key issues that your business can address.
  • Call-to-action is good, but you also need to give something like an e-book, some discount, or value-added service.
  • Most of all, keep things clear and simple.

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To do this the right way, you need to hire a professional copywriter. Crafting a compelling sales copy is an art. If you want to write it yourself. Take a course on copywriting and scribble away.

If you already have a copywriter in your team, ask them to pin down the sales copy from the perspective of a prospective customer.

Put some effort in the Design & Images

While much is said about the content on your PPC landing page, your design and imagery often take a backseat.

Spy on your competitor’s website and see what they are up to. Check out their landing page copy and see what they are using to grab the attention of users.

Make the images relevant to your sales copy. If your product is a task management tool, you can use images of product managers assigning tasks or product managers with serene expressions on their faces because your product has made their lives easier.

You get the idea!

Depict your product in action

It has become a global trend to use a video demonstrating the product. How to use the product, or how is it solving a problem?

A simple video won’t cut the bill; you need to support the video with strong imagery and text.

Align the elements of the video with the images and the copy on your page.

Show-off the test signals

When you share the product with your friends and family, they will respond to it. These are test signals. You will get a lot of test signals on your page.

You can use these test signals, including video and written testimonials, to your advantage.

You can place these triggers on the landing page and check the response of your customers.

For some customers, this won’t work, but for some people, social proof defines the fine line between what to buy and what to leave out.

Do work on the thank you page

My father always taught me not to let people leave without thanking them.

A similar strategy applies for people who are visiting your PPC page.

Being polite never hurts anyone, but a pop-up with a personal thank-you note will delight the customer and they will keep coming back for more.

In fact, the best approach is to create a separate thank-you page and share all your links on that page.

Just because you’ve already gotten what you wanted (a conversion), that doesn’t mean you have to bring the conversation to a closure.

Welcome new opportunities with open arms

When you first suggest some changes in your existing PPC landing pages, you might have to face resistance.

I can understand the impulse. As mentioned earlier, a landing page is the outcome of many people, so there will be another cycle of revisions which can be daunting for some people.

If you’re confused as to what a good landing page looks like, check out these riveting examples.

Despite everything is done…

While these tips are tried and tested on various PPC landing pages, you still need to test them on your landing pages.

We’ve all experienced the exasperation when things don’t work as intended in the final product.

So, while what I’ve described above are best practices, don’t take my word for it. Test them out!


Josh Davidson

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