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3 Main SEM Roles And Their Job Description

Are you Socially savvy? Do you have an ingrained interest in search engine optimization? If so, you are fit to kick start your career in Search engine marketing. As a SEM professional, you will be expected to increase brand awareness, boost engagement, and drive sales for the company you work for, with the help of search engine optimization, website techniques, as well as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and paid media. If you are ready for a career in Search engine marketing, here are three SEM jobs you can consider.

SEM Analyst Job Description

The main job of a Search Engine Marketing analyst is to create, develop, and implement effective paid search strategies to optimize search engine results. SEM analysts are required to meet the sales of the company within a set budget and determine the most efficient and cost-effective ways of driving traffic to business website. SEM analysts constantly pull data out from search engines and analyze it to check for proper functioning. SEM analysts need to constantly monitor metrics such as ad tracking, click-through rates, and the points at which customers moved away from the purchasing process, in order to identify opportunities for improvement. A SEM analyst may also be required to identify consumer preferences, buying trends, and customer interests in order to execute and manage successful social media and PPC campaigns, as well as campaigns across several search platforms.

A SEM analyst needs to be creative in order to come up with captivating, concise and compelling ad copy for campaigns, as well as making sure the final ads are eye-grabbing and informative. In addition to overseeing the content and design aesthetics of ads, SEM analysts also need to conduct regular A/B testing of test ads to see what works. Additionally, SEM analyst jobs require professionals to perform keyword research to target the right audience, develop search traffic estimates, and segment keywords into campaign structures. A SEM analyst should also stay abreast of PPC and SEM trends and techniques and possess great interpersonal and communication skills to build key relationships across PPC ad platforms and various vendors. A SEM analyst should also possess excellent presentation skills in order to report KPI’s to management regularly and also basic computer skills.

The estimated SEM Analyst salary is $78,715 per year in the United States, with an average salary of $59,478 per year. 

SEM Specialist Job Description

A SEM specialist possesses a thorough comprehension of website and search engine optimization as well as pay-per-click advertising and paid directories and devise strategies to help websites rank on the top of both organic and paid search engine rankings. Their main role is to enhance brand awareness, increase traffic to the website, bring in repeat clients, and craft a brand identity. A SEM Specialist executes and manages paid search campaigns on all major search and display marketing engines. A SEM Specialist will try to meet goals within the paid search budget and work hand in hand with other teams, such as content marketing and social media marketing team, to maximize ROI. As such, a SEM specialist should be well versed in the Google Marketing Platform and all its tools, especially Google Ads and Google Analytics.

A successful SEM specialist can run tests, collect and analyze data, identify consumer trends and perform keyword research to inform the marketing strategy. SEM specialists are also tasked with designing, building, and managing paid search advertising campaigns, including keyword targeting and bidding, customer segmentation, writing ad copy, as well as optimizing landing pages with compelling calls-to-action, impressive content, and aesthetic design. As such, a SEM specialist should be well versed in the Google Marketing Platform and all its tools, especially Google Ads and Google Analytics, to monitor and analyze paid search results. This helps them identify weaknesses and devise ways to optimize performance and enhance conversions. If SEM specialists are also managing organic search campaigns must, they should also have a deep understanding of SEO, including on-page, off-page, technical optimization, and user experience.

SEM specialist jobs look for professionals who have expertise in using bid management tools, web analytics tools, and PPC platforms such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Facebook Business Manager. An ideal candidate should possess strong analytical, research, communication, networking and problem-solving skills and proficiency in performance marketing٫ conversion٫ and online customer acquisition. Successful SEM specialists are also familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript development and various CMS. A keen attention to detail and proper time management abilities are also appreciated in a SEM specialist.

The average SEM specialist salary is $46,253 in the United States, but vary from region to region and years of experience.

SEM manager description

SEM managers are responsible for planning, executing, and managing the company’s overall SEO strategy, and strive to achieve organic search optimization and maximize ROI. The main goal of SEM managers is to determine target demographics and campaign goals and work towards increasing revenue and boosting traffic to the company website. Towards that objective, SEM managers are tasked with monitoring and tracking the performance of PPC and SEO efforts and make changes as needed. As a SEM manager, you will have to optimize paid search campaigns, including bid management, allocating budget, performance monitoring, keyword discovery and optimization, analyzing competitors’ advertising, and developing ad copy and landing page design. SEM managers are required to stay vigilant and keep tabs on important KPIs, such as redirects, click rate, and bounce rate, and prepare and present regular reports. All in all, successful SEM managers deliver highly effective campaigns that directly impact the sales figures and enhance the ROI.

A search engine marketing professional must display an ability to identify and monitor relevant KPIs for campaigns, possess a thorough comprehension of search engine optimization and web analytics tools, and have excellent communication, critical-thinking, and problem-solving acumen. Additionally, expertise in traditional and digital marketing channels is a must-have skill for a SEM manager. Last but not the least, SEM manager jobs require professionals who show stellar interpersonal skills, since they often need to work across multiple departments. For instance, they may collaborate with web developers to optimize the user experience for search engine visibility or they may work with content marketing team to develop content focused on increasing enragement and brand awareness. The average SEM manager salary is $78,500 in the United States, but may vary based on experience, education, company size, industry, market

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