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Inspiring and Fun-Loving Things to do in Manchester City for Tourism Lovers

Home to two of the biggest clubs in the football arena, Manchester is the second largest city in the United Kingdom. It has become the talk of the town among Britishers because of its vibrancy and people.

From nightlife to cultural heritage; Manchester has just about everything.

The city landscape is surrounded by lush greenery, expansive countryside, and picturesque mountains. Hence, it is one of the best tourism spots for travelers.

If you are planning to enjoy a heartfelt moment, Manchester city can be an ultimate spot. Most of us belonging to a web design agency often wish that we could escape from our slacking work routines and Manchester can be a fun retreat to visit.

When was the last time you had a fun-filled vacation?

Are you wondering about the things you can do in Manchester? Here is a list of interesting things you can do to make your experience a par excellent one.

Let’s check them out.

Catch a Match at the Old Trafford & Etihad Stadium

The Old Trafford football field marks an era of golden history in the hometown of Manchester. It is the home-field for Manchester United. If you are a fan of football, visiting the Old Trafford is one such opportunity that you should not miss. While you are there, you should also make sure that you visit the classy and modern styled Etihad Stadium which is one of the fastest growing clubs in Manchester at the moment. Etihad Football stadium is home to the amazing Manchester City.

Whether you support Manchester City or Manchester United, grab this chance to immerse into a breathtaking football experience by enjoying your visit on an epic tour to both the stadiums.

Watch a Match at the Old Trafford & Etihad Stadium!

What Else to do in Manchester? Visit the Iconic Manchester Town Hall

One of the iconic buildings located at the heart of the Manchester is the Manchester Town Hall. Some of the great movie cut scenes are shot at this iconic gothic styled amazing architecture. You will be more amazed when you will learn that some scenes from movies like Captain America, Pride and Prejudice and the famous Sherlock Holmes were shot at the Manchester Town Hall. Hence, according to some producers, the place is known as the magnet location for the entertainment industry. It’s one of the most interesting things to do in Manchester.

Also, this place is not only a plus point for the entertainment lovers, but it also holds a significant value for those who have a keen eye for architectural beauty. As an avid designer, I would never miss out on a chance to visit this iconic building and shoot a great amount of recreational stuff.

Experience “No Such Thing” at Kabana Cafe

Do you have a knack for meeting new people every day? Kabana Cafe will enable you to meet completely new strangers over a free meal and they host the event every month. In collaboration with the Salford-based theatre company Quarantine, Kabana Cafe offers a free meal to its customers based on only one condition, “you will have to exchange a conversation with a stranger.”

They host the event to contradict the old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Kabana Cafe is an Indian styled local restaurant which always has some new people coming around with inspiring topics to discuss over luncheons and more.

Visit the Science & Industry Museum at Manchester

If you are looking for a place with remarkable world-changing ideas on your visit to Manchester, you should definitely not miss out on the Science & Industry Museum. The Science and Industry Museum is one of the oldest surviving passenger railway stations and in fact, one of the world’s first railway warehouse built back in 1830. This interesting thing to do in Manchester allows you to have a world-class exposure of the industrial revolution from back in time.

However, it is not just a railway warehouse but a full-fledged museum which displays some of the greatest wonders of science. You can enjoy live demonstrations of historic work machinery and can take part in science shows and a lot more. The Museum opens daily in the morning and closes in the evening. There are no visitation charges for walk-in customers.

Watch the Stars at Jodrell Bank Observatory

Do you like to see stars and planets? If you are fond of astronomy, “The Discovery Centre” can be a haven for you. It is one of the things to do in Manchester which allows you to explore the wonders of the universe. The main attraction of the Jodrell Bank Observatory is the magnanimous Lovell Telescope. The observatory explains how the telescope works.

The tractions you can visit at the Jodrell Bank Observatory are Planet Pavilion, Space Pavilion, Star Pavilion, and the interesting Planet Pavilion Cafe with delightful eateries.

Take a Tour of Chinatown

Are you a Chinese food aficionado? If you happen to be in Manchester, don’t forget to pop in Chinatown. A huge Chinese gate marks the entrance to Chinatown, which allows you to take a sojourn into a small town reminiscent of China. It boasts endless rows of restaurants and bakeries offering some of the most scrumptious Chinese delicacies. You can also shop for traditional Chinese goods and artworks.

Chinatown in Manchester displays a notable example of traditional Chinese cultures and the people living there also make you feel like you’re walking down a busy lane in Beijing. Food is the lifeline and also visiting such places can become an interesting thing to do in Manchester.

Polish Your Literary Skills with Spoken Word Events

Do you like to listen to poems or read literature? If you are staying in United Kingdom, then it is one of the most interesting thing to do in Manchester. Here are some momentous events to attend while you are in the city. There’s spoken Word at Bad Language on the last Wednesday of every month, hosted by The Castle pub, true story-telling at Tales of Whatever on the top floor of Gullivers Pub and the friendly Evidently poetry evening in Salford. And these are just a few of such events.

If crowds don’t make you break out in cold sweat, and you know you can perform confidently, you can always sign up for an open mic slot and go wild. It’s a really great option for budding writers or someone who’s eager to publish a poem or a book.

Concluding Thoughts

There are several things to do in Manchester if you have a keen eye for exploration. Whether you are there to enjoy your holiday or you are just visiting for a brief period of time, irrespective of the purpose of your visitation, Manchester can be a very welcoming city for you. Be it seeking reprieve in the hills, visiting amazing theme parks, attending classical shows or indulging in fine-dining, Manchester has every experience in store for you.

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