6 Engaging Web Design Trends to Consider in the Year 2019

Each year the web design trends change dramatically. The dawn of each new year heralds a major shift in design trends in terms of visuals, aesthetics, algorithms, and more.

Maybe a website that looks outstanding today just might not look as amazing after a year and relatively become outdated. Hence, it is important that one should know the difference between a rising trend within the industry and a passing fad which will eventually wane in due time.

Don’t you wish that your website looks great for several years?

2019 is about delivering the best-in-class user experience. Most website design agencies are designing websites that are speedy and performance-centric. It is about crafting eye-catching but simple designs with asymmetrical layouts, immersive video backgrounds and more.

Let’s talk about which web design trends are projected to take charge in 2019. Let’s find out.

The Rise of Chatbots

Who doesn’t like to stay directly in touch with customer support when they are about to purchase a product or service from a website. Chatbots are setting the new norm by becoming a part of every other website you visit these days. Powerful chatbots are now backed by AI algorithms that deliver state-of-the-art customer service. With the evolution of chatbots, brands are now capable of addressing not only the common queries generated by incoming users but also helping them complete transactions. Not only that but if a customer wants to be redirected to an information page, the chatbot can easily help them navigate to their desired results in no time.

Sincechatbots aren’t as smart as their human counterparts, they do lack empathy and emotions to understand what a customer exactly wants and can limit options. Depending on the capabilities of their developers, these bots are capable of delivering a best-in-class interactive experience when integrated within a website.

The Rise of Progressive Web Apps

Today, one can find an app that works great on their mobile for just about everything. Therefore, there is a considerable increase in the use of smartphones which has given birth to a new type of software technology we know as progressive web apps. Such apps are similar to web applications and load just like regular web pages or websites but can work offline, allow push notifications, provide hardware access and much more to native applications. Such applications are projected to be welcomed by the general users, and hence, website developers will greatly take advantage of them. The PWAs can easily be designed much faster than a normal mobile app and can integrate with your internet browsers.

The best thing about Progressive Web App is that they are easily deployable and can be maintained by all users. It is beneficial for both the user and the developer and hence it is an accepted web design trend in 2019.

Introduction to Single Page Websites

If you haven’t heard the term before, these types of websites rapidly trend in the Internet sphere. One-page websites are the new norm and are usually designed as a single long page with linear navigation. If you want to navigate through a single page website, all you have to do is simply scroll your way down and reach your desired section in no time. A good single page website offers simplicity. They keep storyboarding to the minimum and the navigation for such websites is endless. The navigation pattern is easy, and the menus aren’t endless like a multi-page website.

A single page website works pretty well on smartphones which enables it to become a rising web design trend in the year 2019. Why smartphones? Because scrolling is just too easy on smartphones.

Adding Motion Effects in User Interface

Developers often find themselves surrounded by confusion when it comes to designing the perfect interface. Sometimes, even the classiest website designs fail immensely because visitors coming to the website aren’t able to find what they are looking for. With motion effects, modern-day developers are making website designs more directive-oriented. It means that they are using a bunch of animations or transitions in order to navigate users to perform the right actions and reach out to the right conclusions. Motion effects not only help users easily navigate to their desired results, but it also breathes a new life and adds some exquisite panache into the product.

It is a rising web design trend in 2019 websites because it allows developers to seamlessly customize and add a lot of options to create an effective and fully functional website.

Sticky Elements Are on Their Way

One particular web design trend of 2019 which is sweeping most designers off their feet is the element of sticky navigation. The trend in website design is simple! You as a website visitor or developer can easily place sticky elements at the top, bottom or the side of your website page. It provides users the liberty to easily navigate to their desired results within no time. Moreover, you can use a wide range of sticky elements to highlight promotions, add social media links, include chatbots or call to actions, depending on your significant website requirement.

Bold Typography Will Become a Paramount

The future of typography is going to be magnanimous. Big bold elements in web design will change the viewpoint of customers and help them get the message more clearly. The bigger the typography, the better impact it will have on consumers. Now there are many typefaces which have become common in the market. As you can see Serifshavemade a major comeback and are being widely used on a large number of websites. Similarly, Font typefaces such as sans-serif and serif fonts are becoming the reason to deliver dynamic user experience. Their applications are not only limited to websites but are also seen in poster ideas.

As more and more device resolutions are becoming sharper, doors are now being opened for custom fonts, giving more personality to the overall aesthetics of the website.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are planning to design a trendy website in the coming year, you need to make sure that your website includes all the above-discussed web design trends of 2019 within your website. The future of web design is here, and we hope that this article has helped you comprehend what you are missing right now. So, don’t forget to include these elements and become a hallmark website of tomorrow.

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