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Settling your parking ticket infraction is a tedious process where you’re required to physically visit the parking authority and stay away from your work, school, and other important engagements. And this holds true wherever you may go in the world.


Tired of this predicament, two Torontonians came up with the idea to build a mobile app service that would primarily cater to drivers in the Toronto region, help unburden them of this petty and irritating issue for a very small fee. Having no prior app development experience, they approached us with this novel idea and sought our assistance in realizing this dream by developing an app solution that would be intuitive and quickly help them manage their parking ticket violations. We knew exactly how to translate this people’s solution to people’s problem in the best possible way.


Crafting people’s solutions to solve
people’s problems is always fun..


TaskQue’s strategy was to provide a mobile app that their users can use to create tasks and project, schedule them and track progress on the move. TaskQue wanted to eliminate all the barriers of device location and time and empower users with its mobile app. Branex helps them achieve their goal with our unique app development process. The initial concepts were developed with this in mind and were further refined to deliver a seamless mobile experience to users.

After conducting extensive research, we identified the two user personas for our app. One is managers and the others are employees. We developed use cases for each persona and streamlined the whole app accordingly. By providing most of the features available in TaskQue cloud-based version, the mobile app brought all the features to your fingertips.


The same orange and white theme was maintained in the app so that everything stays consistent. This made it easy for users to engage and created an emotional connection between the brand and its users. More importantly, the app solved one of the major problems by providing users access to their tasks and projects by freeing them of geographical, time and device boundaries.

Branex managed to strike a perfect balance between usability and functionality. It helped app to run without any lag. Without skipping on features, TaskQue mobile app provided an immersive user experience. The same easy to use interface, the same orange and white theme and easy navigation made the app a breeze to use. Whether you want to see existing tasks and projects or create new ones, the app lets you do everything with minimal effort and fewer taps. To save the mobile app from looking cluttered, other options were hidden behind menus. All this translated into a perfect mobile user experience for the user.

Results to be proud of

Branex has managed to create an all in one productivity management solution with TaskQue’s app that stays with you wherever you go. By incorporating the intelligent task assignment process in the mobile app and making it work, TaskQue mobile app can save your employees from burnout without compromising on productivity. TaskQue’s mobile app let users create separate workspaces and To-Do too many to manage projects and tasks efficiently. Collaborate in real time with team members and third-party clients with Discussion feature and note down key points with discussion minutes. Receive notifications to stay updated.



App development is a combination of front end and back end development and Branex knows how to do justice with both aspects of mobile app development. That is what we showed with TaskQue’s mobile app. Whether it is managing TaskQue’s user accounts, authentication and roles or creating a front-end structure, Branex developed a mobile app with both front end and back end in sync to ensure everything worked flawlessly. Branex put a lot of emphasis on micro interaction and worked towards making them exception. This acted as a trickle-down effect and extended to encompass the complete mobile app. This helps the app to deliver an engaging user experience.



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Branex's digital marketing services are one of the best in its class as it covers every facet of digital marketing from search engine optimization to paid campaigns to social media marketing. Thanks to the Branex, TaskQue managed to triple their website traffic and increased sign ups by 50%. What's more, our daily visitors count jumped over 500 mark, which was a big achievement considering where we were before.


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