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Bridge Demand Supply Gap by Hiring Seasoned Professionals

Need help meeting a tight deadline? Are you developing new modules or applications and require software engineers with a specific skill set to fill talent gaps? Need expertise in a certain area? Looking for more firepower to pursue your product roadmap? Branex can provide experienced developers for your project, who will integrate seamlessly into your work process, internalizing your company's culture and adapting to its strategic goals.

We've helped startups, SMEs, and large enterprises grow, upscale and pursue new business opportunities, launch new products, or keep pace with emerging technologies without bothering about expansions, hiring, firing, healthcare and retirement plans, or HR related problems. Whether you need a complete technical arm to your business or are exploring a hybrid team, we can provide experienced IT resources that have years of expertise in your industry and with the systems and technologies you require.

From a single developer to multiple agile teams, from prototyping to full-scale development projects, we help you get the desired agility, speed, expertise, and flexibility to deliver projects on time.


Benefits Of Branex’s IT Staff Augmentation Services

Access to Vetted Talent

The dramatically growing demand for highly skilled individuals has made it a tough nut for companies to hire talented staff. Thanks to our wide networking and deep know-how of various industries, Branex grants you access to a vast and varied talent pool at competitive rates. Amplify your team with certified software specialists and turn your potential business idea into a viable product or enhance the development efficiency of your ongoing project.

No Recruitment Hassles

Looking to recruit staff for a short period or for a one-off project? We save your company the time and hassle of searching and recruiting motivated, productive, and talented individuals and bearing liabilities of in-house permanent employees. Empowered by the latest technologies and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, our hiring models help you quickly and efficiently build up your team to enhance the quality and speed of the development process.


We work with a crème-de-la-creme team of world-class project managers, developers, engineers, QA analysts, UI/UX designers, DevOps, and business analysts, with proven expertise in complex projects. We closely monitor the staff retention rate in the company, maintain a healthy work culture, and cultivate employee motivation and incentive, so you can rely on consistent, stable development resources.

Maintain Oversight & Control

Branex’s developers, designers and engineers seamlessly integrate themselves into your internal team and business processes, adhere to your rules and company culture, and are typically managed by you – giving you ultimate control over the workflow and ensuring maximum efficiency. You can set tasks, assign performance benchmarks, and track the productivity of developers. In turn, they partake regularly in meetings and present progress reports, and are also solely dedicated to your project.

Cost-effective Solutions

At Branex, we believe in minimizing risk of organizations bearing the cost of hiring outstanding employees while increasing profitability. IT staff augmentation saves you from hefty recruitment costs, infrastructural expenditure, and other overheads, as well as legal responsibilities and documentation, especially when you don’t require long-term employees. Pay for what drives the most value for your company.

Scalable and Adaptable Model

Is your company skill gap widening due to ongoing and upcoming tasks? Maybe you need to meet stringent deadlines by rapidly expanding your capabilities with remote experts. Perhaps an ongoing project requires more experienced resources, specialized knowledge, or rare technology? We allow you the flexibility of scaling your team up or down depending on your changing needs and pay only for what you need. We are able to form project teams of any magnitude, for a variety of requirements and project tasks.


With our Augmented Team services, you get:

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Discovering Needs and Requirements

We start with a kickoff meeting to discuss your challenges and ideas, determine the number of employees needed, their desired skills, tech-stack, qualifications, and expertise, as well as other details such as the estimated working hours, team management and goals we have to meet. This will help us connect you with the ideal candidates.

Picking your Team

After we have identified your staffing needs, internal processes, and the skill gap within your organization, we will hand-pick suitable resources from a wide talent pool of highly skilled professionals, that we think will check all the boxes. We will devise a custom strategic staff augmentation model for your business that meets your unique needs.


Once your dream team is finalized, it’s important to clearly define roles and responsibilities. We will work hand-in-hand with you for a smooth and seamless onboarding, including introducing new team members, acquainting them with the new work environment, and helping you create clear communication channels between the in-house and external teams. You can fill your new team in on project details and assign responsibilities.

Team Management

Manage your extended team like you would your in-house resources. Your new team reports to you and fits within your internal schedule, while you directly oversee performance and workload. Our resources integrate within your organizational culture, and contribute to organizational growth. However, we can also assign a full or part-time project manager to oversee team management.





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