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A company with an engaging logo design sends a high-impact, meaningful message of your brand to the world. It makes you stand above the competition by grasping your audience attention in that short span of time when they are surfing the Internet. Don’t You Want to Fly Above the Noise? Let’s Make it Happen.

Our Featured Logo Design Projects
Masaar; A healthcare system that serves to boost efficiency, transparency and convenience.

We started working for Masaar in Dubai and quickly realized that they require a logo design that boosts transparency, increases business efficiency and symbolizes convenience. We helped them build a logo that represented their core values which helped them establish their business in Dubai.

Hyphen; a global human development practice based in San Francisco

Hyphen came to us seeking a logo design that portrays the concept of humans performing at their maximum potential only when they are connected to their root cause. We planned with the team conducting hour long meetings and finally came to an agreement to create the perfect logo for them.

ACE; Specialized Armored Solutions within the armored vehicle industry and its associated products

Ace is a company known to specialize in armored solutions. They create armored vehicles for military protection and high-profile associates. The company boasts a high reputation within the security industry and offers products of the highest quality standards. Branex crafted a cost-effective solution for them and offered them a logo that authenticates their business value to customers.


Logo Design Process

Get Logo Designs that Talk Business to Your Customers Through an Easy Process

Before we start with the ideation of the perfect logo design for our customers, we begin by picking the brains of our clients and ponder deeply over our findings. During this exploratory phase, we sort through myriad logo designs until our client reaches a conclusion based on their industry.

Once, our client has reached a conclusion, we further offer them three versions of the chosen design with complete rationales so they can pick one that fits their needs. Based on their reactions to each design, we get a better idea of their style preference and what they are looking for in their logo. Based on their feedback, we move forward in our logo design journey.

We then use a unique brainstorming tactic by creating a robust keyword cloud strategy. What is a word cloud strategy? Here, we write your company name in the middle of a canvas and circle it. Then, we surround the circle with a number of adjectives that best relate to it.

Using 4-5 of these connections, we formulate ideas that can express the value of your company through the logo.

Our professionally creative designers get down to sketching more than a dozen ideas and cherry-pick the best ones to show to the client. We design each sketch carefully in order to make sure that our big ideas hit the goldmine. We do realize that some of our ideas might not resonate with the client; however, we still try our best to make sure our clients are fully satisfied. We make it easier for them to choose a design that communicates value to customers.

Once the sketch is approved, it is forwarded to the design team who share constructive feedback among themselves. As a result, new perspectives are formed by the internal experts and all our team members gather around to discuss them. We put our heads together to come up with the perfect design which embodies the true essence of the brand. Our team feedback makes us reiterate the logos countless times until the end-result becomes pitch perfect for the client.

Refinement of a logo design is a painstakingly lengthy process through which our team members patiently and consistently give their best to master the logo design concepts. They believe in hard work and their motivation is to deliver something of quality. From using the right colors to tweaking different fonts, our experts create several mockups until the final design plays out well in real life.

We finalize the logo and present it in front of our clients in a final presentation. We put forward our ideas which follow a standard guideline. Unlike other firms, we don’t show our clients only a single logo and sell them on how it is beneficial for their business; instead, we go the extra mile and present 3-4 design concepts and educate them on the value that each of these logos hold.

Initiating our discussion from explaining the keyword cloud up until fulfilling the subsequent results of finalizing the sketch, we tell our clients everything. We show each logo on both a colored background as well as a black and white background and enable the client to understand the symbolism, style and design aspects of each. Finally, we make sure that the logo fits perfectly across different stationery such as tee-shirts, business cards or mugs, etc.

Logo Design & Branding

How A Powerful Logo Can Boost Your Business?


Leave an Everlasting Impact

A powerful logo leaves an everlasting impact on the minds of your customers. You want it to grab their attention and convince them to stay around your product for a while. A powerful logo will make sure to do it all and boost your business value.


Stay Ahead of Competition

Another benefit of having a powerful logo is that it enables your brand to stay a head and shoulder above the competition. If your logo has the right elements that make it outshine other competitor in the market, why wouldn’t it drive sales for your business? Definitely it will.

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